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TATA IPL 2022: IPL chairman Brijesh Patel confirms TATA to be the new sponsor

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TATA IPL 2022? Chinese handset maker Vivo has pulled out of IPL sponsorship, and now in his place, TATA will be the new sponsor of ipl’s from next season (TATA IPL 2022).

“The decision on making Tata Group the new sponsor of the IPL was taken in the Governing Council meeting on 11 January.” – Brajesh Patel, IPL Governing Council chairman.

Brajesh Patel said, “Vivo has pulled its hands from sponsorship. And now Tata will be our new title sponsor for IPL 2022.”

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”Vivo’s deal with IPL was not over yet. There were still two more years left for his contract to end. But, before that they withdrew from the Indian T20 league. Now for the next 2 years, Tata will be the title sponsor of the IPL.” – he added.

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