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Three individuals from Andhra Pradesh lose their lives in a road accident in Karnataka

In a tragic incident near Hubballi city in Karnataka, three individuals from Andhra Pradesh lost their lives in a road accident on Tuesday. The collision between a private bus and a car resulted in the fatalities of all car occupants, with one person sustaining serious injuries and being hospitalized. The deceased belonged to Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh.

The unfortunate accident took place at Anchatageri on the national highway, as confirmed by the police. While the car occupants faced the brunt of the collision, some of the bus passengers also suffered minor injuries in the incident. The Hubballi Rural police have swiftly responded to the scene and initiated an investigation into the matter to ascertain the sequence of events leading to the fatal crash.

With the investigation ongoing, more details about the accident are expected to emerge as the authorities gather information to piece together the tragic incident that claimed the lives of three individuals. The families of the deceased are likely to be mourning the loss of their loved ones, as the community grapples with the aftermath of the road accident in Karnataka.


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