Travis Scott and Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards Fight During The Cannes 2024, Causing Controversy Online

Travis Scott and Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards got into a massive fight during Cannes, and it has become the word on the internet. Travis Scott and AE are both very famous music producers currently in the Hollywood industry.

Travis Scott and Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards Fight At Cannes

However, their fight was massive and very ugly to watch. Someone had recorded the whole fight, and that video is all over the internet currently, which is generally the context of interest all around.

They both were fighting, throwing punches at each other.

Drinks were spilling everywhere, security guards were there to stop them, and the DJ who was playing also yelled at them to stop, but they were not the people who heard.

So when it comes to their private life and trying to figure out why they were fighting, let’s check it out.

Alexander is currently dating Cher, who doesn’t have to be introduced to anyone who’s not living under a rock. However, Travis used to date Kylie Jenner, and some circumstances and situations suggest that Kylie might have had a thing with Alexander as well in the past.

People are speculating the fight was because of Kylie. Travis even tried to push Alexander off the stage. Their managers got involved in this fight too.

However, Tyga, who used to date Kylie Jenner as well, was in the scene but did not throw hands.

There are reasons for people to believe this whole thing happened because of their history of dating Kylie, but nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet.

Cannes might be a film festival and a place for celebrities to walk on the red carpet, but this whole situation has been one of a kind for a brawl to come out just like that.

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