5 Best Ullu Movies Download From Mp4Moviez, 1Filmy4Wap, and Filmyzilla to Binge-Watch this Weekend

Ullu Movies Download – Ullu app is one of fewer OTT platforms that offers a wide range of content and web series. If you are looking to ullu movies download from sites like, Mp4Moviez, 1Filmy4Wap, and Filmyzilla, then listed below are some of the best ullu movies that you can download. Let’s start-

Top ullu movies download to enjoy this weekend

1. Size Matter 2

Ullu Movies Download

The plotline revolves around two sisters where one, Aarohi cheats on the other to achieve her goals. But finds herself in a complicated situation. Aarohi doesn’t learn her lesson and continues to try new ways to get a better-toned body shape. As time went on, she was now in a situation where all she can do is ask for help or face the consequences. One can download or online stream this erotic ullu movie on piracy platforms like, Mp4Moviez, 1Filmy4Wap, and Filmyzilla.

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2. Dubey Ji and The Boys

Dubey Ji and The Boys

The plotline of the series is one of the most entertaining you will come across. It revolves around 4 boys who are struggling actors. They live on rent in Mr Dubey Ji’s house. They often are short on rent and find it hard to pay their landlord Mr Dubey every month. Soon they find an opportunity to earn their living by working as a male gigolo. Initially, they thought life would be full of luxury but this is not what it looks like from afar. 

3. Melting Cheese

The story is about a couple where the husband is busy with work and finds it hard to spend time with his wife. With the lack of emotional support in her relationship, the wife starts to become friends with her philandering husband’s (Anand) office secretary (Meena). Soon the life around her starts to change when she has someone she can talk about and discuss anything openly. The movie is available in full HD quality to download on Mp4Moviez, 1Filmy4Wap, and Filmyzilla.

4. Wife in A Metro

Wife In A Metro

This one is about a couple who have fallen out of love. Both of them live their lives separately. But soon a guy enters the girl’s life and the lost passion is re-ignited and expected love starts to blossom. But happens when you know there is no future and the connection is turning you to questioning your worth in your marriage. 

5. Tandoor


The series shows an aspiring politician who has secretly married her lover. She wants to disclose their relationship to the world but her husband is hesitant about it. Soon she meets a new guy and love starts to blossom between the two.

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