Vitamin C is necessary for a healthy body, know how much vitamin C is necessary to take

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Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for our body. It is a soluble vitamin that gives us energy. To fulfill this, you do not need to work hard, instead you can supply vitamin C from the things used in everyday life. It is found in most citrus fruits. Lemon and amla are especially rich in vitamin C.

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Along with this, It is rich in other things like broccoli, strawberries, potatoes, leafy vegetables, papaya. If you consume enough leafy vegetables and fruits, you do not need to take vitamin supplements. At the same time, if you want to add it’s supplements to your diet, then you must contact the doctor.

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Because taking too much it can also harm your health. Excess of this in the body can cause many other complaints like stomach irritation and diarrhea. To keep the body fit, take vitamin C, but to know how much quantity is necessary for you, please contact the doctors. This will be better for your health.

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