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WordPress vs Blogger: Which One is best for blogging?

Blogger vs WordPress: If you want to start your blog. Then, after reading this article, you can understand which one is best for your blog.



WordPress vs Blogger Which One is Best for Bloggers

Do you want to share your ideas through a blog? Now you must have the right content management system for starting a blog. There are a plethora of options available on the web to start a blog or website. You may find it difficult to choose which one is the best between WordPress and Blogger. But I believe that you have heard about WordPress as it is the most popular CMS tool and website builder.

Anyway, many people have asked for years and still, they are confused about whether to use Blogger or WordPress for blogging. If you want to start your blog then look closer look at the comparison: Blogger vs WordPress

After reading this article, you can understand which one is best for your blog. Now let’s get started. 


Blogger vs WordPress

For comparing these two we will take some measurement matrices or factors based on which we can decide which is better. 

  • User Interface: First of all, everyone loves an easy to use UI.
  • Flexibility: If the platform provides enough features so that it’s flexible when the blog grows. 
  • Commercial Option: Whether the platform allows you to use your blog for commercial purposes or not. 
  • Support: How well customer support is?
  • Features: What features the platform offers?
  • Pricing: Last not Least, Pricing also plays an important role.

Consider the above factors whenever you are choosing any CMS platform for your blog. You can check out the best website builders that can help you to build an attractive blog or website. Now let’s compare Blogger and WordPress based on the above factors.

Blogger vs WordPress: User Interface or Ease of Use

First of all, let’s compare which one is better in terms of ease of use. 

  • Blogger: Blogger allows you to create a blog simply using a Google account. You can simply create a blog by signing up with your Google account and provide the details such as name, address, title, etc. 

Once you complete these basic tasks, you can edit, write posts, and manage them. The setup is very simple in blogger, however, for customizing the design you need to have HTML skills. 

  • WordPress: On the other hand, you need more than just a google account but setting up a blog using WordPress is simple, you don’t need any coding skills. With just computer basic operations, you can create a blog using WordPress. It offers many functionalities plugin, themes, tools, and features. 

Even the setup process is similar in both Blogger and WordPress. But for customization and other usages of the platform WordPress is better. 

Blogger vs WordPress: Flexibility

Second, let’s look at which platform provides better flexibility and features in the long run. 

  • Blogger: Blogger allows you to do multiple operations like content publishing, advertising, contact form, subscription links, etc. However, all the features have limited functionality, you can’t use them for more complex operations in the long run.
  • WordPress: It offers you extensive features that can help you grow your blog into anything. You can use thousands of third-party plugins and add-ons to improve your site performance, layout designing, web designing, and many more. 

So, WordPress is the clear winner in terms of flexibility and control. 

Blogger vs WordPress: Commercial Options

Here we will compare the monetization or commercial options for WordPress and blogger.

  • Blogger: The commercial ability is very limited in blogger as it is owned by Google. So, when you start using it for your business purpose, you are dependent on Google. So, you have not much scope for generating an income source from the Blogger platform.
  • WordPress: On the other side, WordPress is an open-source platform so you are independent and create your business on your own. The opportunity is unlimited for commercial purposes. You can build a million-dollar business using WordPress. 

In terms of commercial use or monetization option, WordPress is far better than Blogger. 

Blogger vs WordPress: Support 

Now let us compare the customer support or community support for both of these platforms.

  • Blogger: Blogger provides limited support, as it has a small user base as compared to WordPress and you can only get support from a few members of the group, the support is very less.
  • WordPress: WordPress is one of the best open-source platforms and more than 35% of websites are built on WordPress, it has a large customer base and good support. Many hosting companies are also providing support for WordPress.

Here also WordPress is the clear winner in terms of support and services. 

Blogger vs WordPress: Features

Looking at the features can help you decide which provides better services. 

  • Blogger: The features are limited and the functionalities of the features are also not flexible.
  • WordPress: WordPress allows you many features that you can’t even imagine. You can use different plugins to design the layout, integrate social media, payment gateway, and many other things to your blog. 

WordPress is better in terms of features than Blogger.

Blogger vs WordPress: Pricing

Last but not least, let’s look the pricing of the two content management platforms. 

  • Blogger: It is a completely free blogging service. Here you can create a blog without a single penny. You can use all its features from hosting, to themes and gadgets for free. If you want to use third-party themes, you have to pay. 
  • WordPress: Although WordPress is free software, you need to pay for the hosting services and domain name. But you can build a business around it.

Here both the platform is on the same level in their way.

If you want to come under the list of most famous entrepreneurs, build an online business or blog and thrive. 


With all of the above factors, it is clear that WordPress is better than Blogger. However, if you are a student or you want to do blogging as a hobby, then go for Blogger. On the other hand, if you want to create a professional blog that can bring you money (Make Money Online Ideas) in the future then opt for WordPress. I hope the above information has helped you to clearly understand which is better for blogging. Lastly, share your views on this post and ask your queries.


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