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10 Park Shin-Hye Korean Drama Series You Have To Check Out If You’re A ‘Heartstrings’ Fan

In addition to being extremely attractive, Park Shin-Hye is an excellent actor. She began acting at very young age and appeared in “Stairway to Heaven”. She has received recognition and is now well-known for playing the lead role in numerous K-dramas. So if you like Park, and you’d like to binge-watch more of her dramas and works, these are the top 10 Park Shin-Hye Korean drama series bookmarked for you!

10 Park Shin-Hye Drama Series:

1. ‘Prince Hours’

Park Shin-Hye Korean Drama Series

In the television program Prince Hours, which is set in a universe where South Korea has a king and queen, Park Shin-Hye portrayed Shin Sae-Ryung. She portrayed the Prime Minister’s child and had a well-liked persona.

2. ‘You’re Beautiful’

Best Park Shin-Hye Korean Drama Series

As Go Mi-Nam in the romantic and melodious TV series You’re Beautiful featuring a boy group, Park Shin-Hye rose to international fame. She performed as a girl who appeared to be a boy and won the hearts of the other band members.

3. ‘Heartstrings’

Top Park Shin-Hye Korean Drama Series

You’ll be pleased to learn that Park Shin-Hye and Shin Woo are starring in the contemporary series You’ve Fallen For Me if you enjoyed Shin Woo’s role in You’re Beautiful. It concerns young people who enjoy music and attend an arts-based university. In her role as a student who pursues her ambitions, Park Shin-Hye.

4. ‘The Heirs’

The Heirs

The Heirs’ Cha Eun-sang is Park Shin-hye’s most well-known performance, in which she portrays a poor girl who falls in love with a wealthy prince. The musical was a tremendous hit in Korea and Asia in particular with young people, thanks to its contemporary Cinderella plot and all-star ensemble.

5. ‘Pinocchio’


A TV show called Pinocchio follows the tale of a pair of childhood pals named Choi Dal-po and Choi In-ha who must deal with the difficult realities of working in the media. In-ha has a rare disease that prevents her from lying down without experiencing hiccups. This drama depicts the challenges of becoming a reporter for the news and battling misinformation.

6. ‘Doctors’


PSH portrays a gifted and knowledgeable doctor on the TV show “Doctors” who was a problem in high school. People adored her personality because of how strong-willed she is, and the production was successful with an impressive audience rating. It imparts important lessons on cooperating, having faith in one another, and releasing the baggage of the past.

7. ‘Memories of the Alhambra’

Memories of the Alhambra

A must-watch melodrama with magnificent vistas, wonderful tunes, and excellent acting is Memories of the Alhambra. It was a big blockbuster that set records thanks to its storyline and surprising turns. In her dual roles as Jung Hee-Joo and Emma, Park Shin-Hye excels. But be aware that the narrative is complicated.

8. ‘Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost’

Don't Worry, I'm A Ghost

Don’t worry, I’m A Ghost, a brief KBS sitcom in which Park Shin-Hye starred, won a prize. With its humorous and heartbreaking sequences, this dramatic play will make you weep and chuckle at the same time. People hope there is a second installment because it’s so fantastic!

9. ‘The Royal Tailor’

The Royal Tailor

Park previously appeared in The Royal Tailor, a historical drama in which she played a Joseon dynasty queen. The movie displays gorgeous traditional Korean garments with two antagonistic customizes as its central characters. The moment when our Queen donned a golden long hanbok and attracted the King and the crowd’s focus was the high point of the movie.

10. ‘Heart Blackened’

Heart Blackened

In the criminal mystery Heart Blackened, Park portrays Choi Hee-Jeong, an experienced and capable defense attorney. It is based on the 2013 Chinese movie Silent Witness and, in contrast to PSH’s typical romantic comedies, has a serious and frightening vibe. Her characterization as a legal professional is outstanding and significant, and her followers must watch it.

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