Here’s What The Current Viral ‘Look Between X and Z’ Meme On Twitter, Instagram Means

Look Between X and Z- Social media was meant to be a happening place. Originally, the main purpose of it was to connect people from all around the world, but it has also become a hub of virtual quick online entertainment now. Memes are an integral part of social media.

‘Look Between X and Z’ Meme Meaning

It’s an edited picture of something that is referenced to pop culture a picture of someone with funny texts on it, and more. It all started when a user posted a meme that spelled out the character of a Japanese cartoon character named Yui and instead of just saying the name, they posted online, “Look between ‘t’ and ‘u’ in your keyboard” which led to the sensationalization of the meme.

Now people are making memes based on this, and they are also making memes to stop this template and how monotonous it has become because of the over-usage of the template.

The currently viral meme now is the template of looking between your alphabet on the keyboard. People are throwing in lines and to that answer, you have to look between the letters.

For example, due to the heat waves and the rising temperature in India, people are not really comfortable. In “We’ve all become like Lucky from Gomaal when he sat on the hot tawa and screamed.”

Hence, when someone asks us the temperature, instead of giving the literal answer, we can humorously say, “Look between ‘y’ and ‘p’ because ‘auto’ will create the should effect which he did when he sat on the hot tawa.”

Thus, this is a very fun and lighthearted way of joking these days. Netizens online are jumping in on the trend to add in their creativity as well. People are having fun online with it and the internet is full of such memes currently.

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