4 Best Pooja Joshi Web Series To Watch Alone

Pooja Joshi is a well-known Indian TV actress. She is best known for her appearance in web series such as Bubblepur and Scorned. Initially, she started her career as a model, working campaigns and doing print shoots. Apart from that, she has a few guest appearances in Agent Vinod, Sarla Bhabhi and Intercourse 2. Here we are gonna be counting down the Pooja Joshi web series- 

Best Pooja Joshi Web Series

1. Bubblepur Part 6

Pooja Joshi Web Series

A perfect Pooja Joshi web series that is infused with romance, innocence as well as a great sense of humour. The story is about a village which is unaware of the outside world. They live in their own space and think this is the only village that exists in the entire world. Soon things start to change when 3 friends arrive in the village accidentally taking the people of the village on a roller coaster ride. 

2. Bubblepur Part 3

Bubblepur Part 3

As discussed above, the series is a funny take on an out-of-the-box village. The series has an amazing cast including Pradeep Kabra, Hemant Pande, Asrani, Anant Jog, Afreen Shaikh, Yuraj Pathak, Kumar Chetan Raj, Kalpana Saini, Neha Mondal, Puja Joshi, Bahnu Thakur, Swapnil, Dinesh Kairar to name a few.

3. Bubblepur Part 2

Bubblepur Part 2

Bubblepur is one of the most popular series on the Kooku app starring Pooja Joshi in lead. Due to its massive popularity, the series has 6 parts. The series is packed with romance, love, adventure and a few erotic scenes as well. If you are looking for a series that is based in rural India along with a great storyline then this can be a good choice for you. 

4. Scorned


The Pooja Joshi-starrer web series is about a romantic getaway tuned wrong. Kajal and Akshay plan a small romantic getaway where Kajal finds out that her husband is having an affair with her best friend Yamini. 

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