Ducky Bhai’s Wife Aroob Jatoi’s AI Deepfake Video Goes Viral Youtuber Offers Rs 1 Lakh Reward To Help Find The Culprit

Famous Pakistani YouTuber Saadur Rehman, popularly known as Ducky Bhai, along with his wife Aroob Jatoi, have found themselves at the center of controversy. According to news reports, a deepfake video of Aroob Jatoi was leaked on the internet.

It all started when Anonymous used AI technology to create a deepfake video of Aroob and later released it on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. The news quickly started to dominate the media, reaching a point where Ducky Bhai had to address the viral video on his YouTube channel.

In his video, he talked about the challenges that come with new technology like AI. He further added the importance of always being vigilant to fight issues like cybercrime and deepfake videos.

Pakistani YouTuber Ducky Bhai Offers Reward in Deepfake Video Scandal Involving Wife Aroob Jatoi

Ducky Bhai seemed quite angry and distressed over the violation of his wife Aroob Jatoi’s public image. Later, Aroob herself came on camera and urged everyone to always be on high alert against similar activities, such as breaches of privacy.

Ducky Bhai even announced a reward of one million rupees for anyone who helps identify the person behind the deepfake video of his wife, stating,

“I will give Rs1 million. Neither your identity nor your name will reach the person who has edited the video.”

He added that if a person is caught, they will be handed over to the police for further investigation.

“You have to email where you have to share all screenshots, proofs, and voice notes of the person who has edited it as they might have sent it to you,”

he instructed.

Ducky Bhai can also be seen addressing the same issue on his Instagram Live on Sunday, saying that they don’t want anyone else to face the same issue.

Aroob Jatoi Wiki Biodata

Famous NameAroob
Full NameAroob Jatoi
Nick NameAroob
Date of Birth10 December 1999
Age24 years
HusbandDucky Bhai
Birth PlaceLahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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