5 Ways to Stop Emotional Manipulation and Abuse

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Emotional manipulation is a tool used by many. Have you ever been with a narcissist? If yes, you’ll know what emotional manipulation feels like. Not to forget, it’s common in various households as well. 

Sadly, a lot of parents emotionally manipulate their children, too. The worst part of the story is that nobody thinks about the consequences. People take it as something light when in reality it can scar the other person for life. 

According to experts, emotional manipulation can eventually erode away your ability to think for yourself and voice your concern. Well, it’s fair. When you think with someone else’s brain, see with someone else’s eyes, and hear with someone else’s ears, how would that go for you? 

I’ve seen a number of people surviving on hash here in Canada because they’re unhappy. It’s a pretty common scenario in Vancouver where I live. What makes the story sob is that no one is ready to talk about it. Nobody wants to take a stand against emotional manipulation. 

Standing up for yourself is the key. If you’re on the other side of the pole and want to take a stand for yourself, my tips and tricks are going to help you succeed. 

Learn to Say ‘NO’ 

First and foremost, you need to learn to say ‘no.’ If there’s something that makes you feel uncomfortable, say it. In case someone asks you to do something that you don’t feel like doing, you should simply refuse. 

Let’s say it’s the first step towards putting an end to emotional manipulation. Emotional manipulators and energy vampires may tell you otherwise. I’m sure they’re going to call you mean for it, but please know that standing up for your mental peace is not selfish. In fact, it’s survival.  

Remember that there’s nothing more important than your mental health. If something bugs you, it bugs you. You don’t need to answer the whys, whens, wheres, or hows.

Take Your Time 

Emotional manipulators are highly toxic people. They may charm you to do things you don’t want to do. They have charismatic personalities. Such people are exceptionally nice in the beginning, so you must learn to rightfully judge. 

Whenever talking to anyone, listen to your instincts. Your gut is mostly right about most things in life. Listen to the voices in your head, what do they tell you? Make sure to take your time before bonding with such people. 

Give yourself time to breathe whenever meeting new people or socializing in general. People often make the mistake of bonding intimately, it is like you’re giving another person a gateway to manipulate you. When you give power to the other person over yourself too soon in a relationship, they’re surely going to manipulate you at one point or the other. It’s a simple rule.

Understand the Passive-Aggressive Attitude 

It may sound unusual, but emotional manipulators are mostly passive-aggressive people. Are you aware of the term? Let me explain it to you. Passive-aggressive people refrain from voicing their concerns and opinions openly. 

They usually express their emotions in indirect ways; for example, giving silent treatment, stonewalling, and more. For example, if a passive-aggressive person wants something, s/he will look for ways to silently let you know what you should be doing. Stonewalling is a tool they use. 

Once you’re aware of passive-aggressive attitude and people, please ensure to stay away from them. It’s wise to draw boundaries in all such scenarios. Again, I want you to know that boundaries are not selfish, they’re healthy.

Seek Therapy 

You must know and understand that there’s no harm in asking for support. Emotional manipulators often scar you. Constant emotional manipulation can eventually lead you towards developing a major depressive disorder, which is a severe mood disorder. 

It can also damage how you react to certain people and emotions. Therefore, it’s wise to ask for support and seek therapy before it’s too late. Your therapist can help you go a long way. They may not be able to help you recover instantly, but cognitive behavioral therapy can definitely change how you perceive different people and emotions. 

Other than that, psychotherapy can be beneficial in improving your lifestyle. It goes without saying that mental health has a significant effect on our day-to-day lives. If someone doesn’t feel great about themself, living a healthy life would be extremely complicated. Psychotherapy can help you get over such issues once and forever.

Move On 

Last but not least, you need to learn the art of moving on. As I mentioned before, emotional manipulation can have negative effects on your mind and body. It can drain your energy. It is primarily the reason I called such people energy vampires earlier as they’re pros in sucking away the positive energy out of people. 

Once you figure out who the emotional manipulator is, cut them loose and move on. You may feel bad about it, but it’s for your own good at the end of the day. Remember this as a thumb rule and walk by it. It can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. 

The Takeaway

Winding it up, I want you to know that you’re not going to suffer in silence. Living with an emotional manipulator can be extremely toxic. As you know, it can affect your physical and emotional health adversely. Thus, you must take adequate measures to keep all such people at bay. It is a crucial step towards living a healthy life. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above, and get rid of the emotional manipulator in your life now. I wish you all the best, my pals!

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