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7 Best Places to visit in Vrindavan

Places to visit in Vrindavan– Vrindavan needs no instruction. The only place where the god resides. Lord Krishna is said to born on this land and spent most of his childhood. If you are visiting the place then surely must be looking for all temples you want to visit. That is why we have prepared a list of some of the best places to visit in Vrindavan. 

Best places to visit in Vrindavan

1. Banke Bihari Temple

places to visit in Vrindavan

This temple is one of the most famous and holiest temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. This is the temple where bells are not used to wake Lord Krishna like other holy temples during morning hours. He is woken very calmly thus no bells even in Aarti. The image of Bihari ji in the temple was granted by Swami Haridas by the couple Shyama-Shyam itself. It is believed that  Lord Krishna appeared in his dream and left back a black charming image. 

2. Prem Mandir

Best places to visit in Vrindavan

Another famous temple in Vrindavan is dedicated to Sita Ram and Radha Krishna. In the temple, the first level is dedicated to Radha Krishna while the second one is dedicated to Sita Ram. It was initially made by the fifth Original Jagadguru Shri Kripalu Ji Maharaj. Over the walls of the temple, you see different forms of leelas of Shri Krishna along with Rasik saints. Surely one of the most magical temples in the world.

3. ISCKON Vrindavan

ISKCON Vrindavan

One of the major ISKCON temples in the world. It is regarded as the Gaudiya Vaishnava temple located in the heart of Vrindavan. The place is solely dedicated to Lord Krishna and Balarama. Mostly all of ISKCON temples around the world are worth visiting. The decor, pandit along with ambience surely gives positivity and blessing to the visitors. The one Mathura witnesses the maximum number of visitors every day. 

4. Govind Dev Temple

Govind Dev Temple

The famous temple is situated in Vrindavan and is about 400 years old. The beauty and ambience of the place are surely worth appreciating and beautiful. This temple is also known as Vaishnava temple and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. During the construction, only red stones were used to make the temple. On the basis of the inscription on the walls of the temple, it was built by Raja Mansingh, son of King Bhagwan Das of Amer.

5. Kesi Ghat

Kesi Ghat

According to ancient tales, this is the place where Lord Krishna killed a demon Keshi which was sent by Kamsa to kill Krishna. That is why it is called Kesi Ghat. It is also believed that here Lord Krishna took a bath after killing Kashi. 

6. Raman Reti Ashram

Raman Reti Ashram

The place is located in Gokul, just a few km away from Mathura. Here the sacred sand i.e reti has amazing background stories including when Lord Krishna used to engage in divine play with his co-herd friends and his brother Balarama.

7. Shri Krishna Janm Bhumi – In Mathura

Shri Krishna Janm Bhumi

It is one of those temples where it is believed Lord Krishna was born. The place is quite close to Shahi Eidgah mosque built by Aurangzeb. Throughout history, the temple was destroyed by many times most recently destroyed by Aurangzeb in 1670. 

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