21 Bharti Jha Web Series (Only for 18+)

A well-known actress and model, Bharti Jha has significantly contributed to web series and music videos. She began her career with the critically acclaimed Bhojpuri films “Shaadi by Chance” and “Aghori,” which attracted attention. She recently played the lead in “Doraha” and “Rain Basera,” two Ullu web series, further showing her brilliance and adaptability. Below are the 17 best Bharti Jha web series which you can Watch Online!

21 Bharti Jha Web Series:

1. Betaab Ishq

Stunning actress Bharti Jha will be seen alongside Ashraf Saifee, and Ridhima Tiwari in a prominent role. If you are looking for a web series with passionate lovemaking scenes then this will be ideal for you. 

Bharti Jha Babuji Web Series
Cast:Natasha Rajeshwari
Dharmendra Gupta
Bharti Jha
Crew:Director: Punit Goyal

2. Babuji

This time Bharti Jha will be seen alongside Zoey Thakur. The male lead is played by Tarakesh Chauhan. The web series is available on the Prime Play app. 

Cast:Tarakesh Chauhan
Prashant Yadav
Lalit Dixit
Crew:Director: S. Rao

3. Yes Maam

The story of this Bharti Jha web series revolves around a teacher portrayed by Kamlaika Chanda. Her beauty tends to attract the attention of the students. The story takes a drastic turn when even girls start to get attracted too.

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Bharti Jha Web Series to Watch Online
Cast:Kamalika Chanda
Bharti Jha
Alendra Bill
Crew:Director: Porus

4. Doraha Part 2

In Part 2, Ratna finds out about why her husband got confused on her first night. Soon her husband returns home but he never confesses his true feelings. Watch the web series as the drama unfolds. 

Bharti Jha sexy
Cast:Avnish Chaudhary
Bharti Jha
Kalyani Jha
Crew:Director: P.G

5. Doraha Part 1

If you love watching bold scenes between Bhabhi and Devar then one is right on your alley. Make sure you are alone once you start watching as it is filled with sexually explicit scenes. 

Cast:Bharti Jha
Avnish Chaudhary
Ruks Khandagale
Crew:Director: Punit Goyal

6. ‘Ghar Sasur

In this ullu’s Bharti Jha web series, A lazy man marries a wealthy woman in the hopes of becoming wealthy but instead falls in love with his sister-in-law.

Cast:Bharti Jha
Kamalika Chanda
Ashraf Saifee
Crew:Director: Porus

7. ‘Dream Girl Part 2

The original cast is back for the sequel, which takes up where Part 1 left off. It centers on two sisters and a mystical book that inspires the younger sister’s fantasies about boys.

Hot Bharti Jha Web Series
Cast:Pooja Poddar
Bharti Jha
Rajnish Jaiswal
Crew:Director: Raifee

8. ‘61-62 Jara Dhire Dhire

The couple at the center of the story is one in which the male craves extreme gratification while the lady finds it strange and unnatural.

Bharti Jha Hot Pics
Cast:Bharti Jha
Ravi Patel
Anita Jaiswal
Crew:Director: soon update

9. ‘Miss Briganza 2’

In “MISS BRIGANZA 2,” a newlywed couple plans to spend their honeymoon in Switzerland, but things take an unexpected turn when the wife falls in love with someone else.

Bharti Jha Sexy
Cast:Bharti Jha
Shyna Khatri
Manish Mishra
Crew:Director: V.K

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10. ‘Rain Basera

The Bharti Jha web series depicts the life of gangsters in a slum neighborhood while also following the development of a boy and girl’s love affair. But when a filmed kiss triggers blackmail and discloses the girl’s marriage, things get complicated, and she ends up eloping with her boyfriend.

Bharti Jha Bold Web Series
Cast:Bharti Jha
Hiral Radadiya
Litesh Pawar
Crew:Director: Pradeep Goinsikar

11. ‘Girls Hostel’

The girls who live in the hostel are followed by Papu, a tea maker, in the Girls Hostel web series. Curiosity makes Papu see unexpected behaviors involving Bharti Jha and Neha Gupta.

Girls Hostel
Cast:Parul Gulati
Ahsaas Channa
Simran Natekar
Bharti Jha
Crew:Director: Chaitanya Kumbhakonum

12. ‘Aunty Ka PG’

The plot of Cine Prime’s web series “Aunty Ka PG” is around a girls’ PG, where a twist happens when one girl goes missing. The PG warden makes an effort to find her, but the girl herself admits that she has vanished.

Aunty ka PG
Cast:Sana Asundi
Jayshree Gaikwad
Neha Gupta
Crew:Director: Jasbir Bhaati

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13. ‘KaroNaa’

When visitors come just as the limits are put in place during the COVID-19 lockdown, the web series’ romance and drama in the middle of the epidemic began.

Top Bharti Jha Web Series
Cast:Bharti Jha
Aliya Naaz
Jayshree Gaikwad
Crew:Director: soon update

14. ‘Paglet 3’

Vaishali, a young woman who blindly follows her husband’s advice on sexual desire and love, leading to hilarious and sensuous events, is the focus of the humorous and hot story Paglet.

Best Bharti Jha Web Series
Cast:Tarakesh Chauhan
Farhaan Ansari
Bharti Jha
Crew:Director: soon update

15. ‘Dhanno Doodhwali’

Ruks is unquestionably a talented actor who has forged connections with several Indian OTT platforms and is still actively involved in the web series market.

Bharti Jha Hot Web Series
Cast:Bharti Jha
Ruks Khandagale
Gaurav Bajpai
Crew:Director: M.S

16. ‘Farebi Yaar Part 2

In this Bharti Jha Web Series, A newcomer to the city is helped by one of the friends, but they end up getting entangled with the cheater’s wife and another lady who lives in the flat. This television show features various love scenes along with a mixture of friendship and dishonest relationships.

Cast:Bharti Jha
Suman Das
Jayshree Gaikwad
Y. Ojha

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17. ‘Farebi Yaar

A pair of young friends are the focus of the web series Farebi Yaar, in which Rajat stays at his friend’s house. He becomes attracted to Nikhit, their neighbor, and the wife of his friend, and wants to be friends with both of them.

Cast:Bharti Jha
Suman Das
Jayshree Gaikwad
Crew:Director: Yogesh Ojha

18. The Bucket List 

Sudhir is a reserved, conventional guy who likes to follow his set routine. He gets married to Rani, an adventurous girl with many hopes and aspirations. Both of them are quite opposite vans tension starts to arise when the couple has no physical bond. Sudhir learns that Rani has a bucket list of wild sexual fantasies that must be fulfilled. 

17 Bharti Jha Web Series (Only for 18+)
Cast Bharti Jha. Aayushi Jaiswal. Santosh Kumar.
Director Bhomik Gaikwad

19. Panty Chor

A guy has a wild fantasy of stealing ladies’ panties. He has a passion for having a collection of panties from his colony ladies. Whenever a new lady comes into his area he sets a target and steals one of her panties. One time he gets trapped in a well-planned game of lady. Now, she is planning to reveal his secret to the public or hand him over to the police. 

17 Bharti Jha Web Series (Only for 18+)
Cast Bharti Jha, Payal Patil and Anmol Jain
Release 2023
OTT Platform Chiku App 

20 Sabse Bada Rupaya

Bharti Jha is known for bringing sex on screen without taking her clothes off. The same can be said in Sabse Bada Rupaya, the enticing love-making scenes will leave you speechless. It plotline shows how money has the power to manipulate anyone and can force people to do many unspeakable things. 

OTT Platform Kangan Originals 
Directed By Satyam Srivastava

21 Mishti 

An erotic horror featuring Raj moving to his new home and falling in love with a ghost named Mishti. What he is not aware of is that being in love comes with a lot of terror and anger that binds them together. Watch this tragic love story to know what happens next. The cast includes Bharti Jha, Vishal Bhatt and Sunita Rajput in prominent roles. 

OTT Platform ULLU Originals 
Directed By Rafat Abbas Ali


Who is Bharti Jha?

Bharti Jha is an Indian actress popular for her work in adult web series, especially for her collaborations with Ullu.

What are some best Bharti Jha Web Series?

‘Farebi Yaar’, ‘Doraha’, and ‘Rain Basera’ are three of her best web series which you can stream alone this weekend.

What is the age of Bharti Jha?

As of 2023, Bharti Jha is 25 years old.

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