9 Best Maahi Khan Web Series to Watch This Weekend

Supermodel and actress Maahi Khan. Her expertise in movies, online programs, film clips, and criminal programs is most recognized. Many investigative programs, including “Crime Petrol” and “Saavdhan India”, featured her. She recently appeared parts 1 and 2 of the Ullu online serial “Sur Surili.” Not only does she has involvement in bold and sexy web series but also, in web series enjoyed by the whole family as well! Here we are going to countdown 7 best Maahi Khan Web Series you, some of these you can enjoy alone, while some of you can binge-watch with your family.

9 Maahi Khan Web Series:

1. ‘Double Kand’

Maahi Khan ‘Double Kand’ show revolves around a partnership between a married couple and partners where everyone is having extramarital affairs. Couples who abuse one another financially include husband and wife. Nobody is open regarding their connection. Everyone desires intimate relationships with one another.


2. ‘Vasu’

Full of adult sex scenes and bo*ld scenes to enjoy yourselves. Maahi Khan has just begun using OTT services that are rated C. She has previously completed a number of C-grade online series, but in recent months, she has begun collaborating on good web sequences. 

3. ‘Sur Surili 3’

This Maahi Khan web series tevolves around a man who always fantasizes about getting married, but his parents wanted compensation. The twist begins when a young person exhibits somewhat strange behavior. There is a great deal of suspense, humor, and passion in the plot.

4. ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’

The Jija, Saali, and sister’s connection is the focus of this mystery and tragedy miniseries. The journey began with a wedding anniversary event whereby Jija and Saalli become attracted to one another.

5. ‘Sur Surili 2’

Despite the fact that they are wedded, their long-awaited ideal of passionate nighttime is still a fair distance off. Sur attempts a number of different approaches to achieve their goals, but regardless of what they do, fate has other plans.

6. ‘Crime Petrol’

Though this web series is about crime and drama Maahi Khan had a part in it to play the role of a girl named Muskaan who was abducted by criminals who sexually abused her. Police and other people rescued the girl which caused the moral of the web story.

7. ‘Savdhaan India’

Here Maahi Khan plays the role of Mahiva whose father married Kaamna the lady who brings a lot of crime into the family just to get hold of her father’s wealth. Another similar crime drama web series to check out!

8. Daan

Maahi Khan and Manvi Chugh have left no stone unturned to make the web series to boldest of all time. 

OTT Platform PrimePlay Originals 
Cast Manvi Chugh, Sananda Banerjee and Mahi Khan

9. The Dark Girl

The web series revolves around Aanamika turning into a nymph killer when people around her start treating her with disrespect. 

Producer Hariom Aryan
Cast Muskaan Lalwani, Kajal Jha and Ankit Pandey

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