Iranian MMA Fighter Ali Heibati Banned for Life After Controversial Incident with Ring Girl and Chaotic Match

Iranian MMA fighter Ali Heibati has found himself in a critical situation. He was banned for life after employing bizarre tactics towards the ring girl during a match.

It all happened during the Friday night fight at the Hardcore Fighting Championship event set in Moscow, Russia.

The entire night was filled with controversies.

Right from the start, things began to go off track.

For some unknown reason, Ali decided to kick a ring girl named Maria, who was just doing her job.

Seeing his behavior, the girl tried to confront him, but the referee intervened and separated them.

MMA Fighter Ali Heibati Gets Permanent Ban From Hardcore FC

Later, things got even worse for him, as his fight lasted only 30 seconds.

Arkadiy Osipyan from Armenia punched him to the ground and landed many blows in a ground-and-pound, eventually leading to a victory in the first round.

It was his first time appearing in an MMA fight.

Seeing his loss in just the first round, he got back on his feet and started attacking his opponent, who was enjoying his win.

He hit the opponent on the back of his head.

Later, as soon as he exited the cage, multiple people attacked him, erupting in a brawl.

The promotion later announced that all participants in the brawl would be barred from future events.

As mentioned above, in response to his actions, Ali Heibati has been banned for life from the promotion.

Ali Heibati later issued an apology, appearing in a video with the ring girl he had confronted.

The apology seemed uneasy and possibly coerced, raising questions about its sincerity.

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