8 Essentials for Travelling and Camping in the Rain

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If you love travelling and camping, even the rain would not stop you from having fun. However, you need to take precautions to prevent yourself from getting wet and cold outdoors. Therefore, apart from your general items, you may need a few others to keep you warm and dry. This article provides you with eight essentials that you should not leave behind when travelling and camping in the rain. 

1. Waterproof Footwear

Your standard outdoor footwear may not be the best for camping in wet conditions. The upper may let the water in, and the inside may not be warm enough. Instead, consider muck boots for your expeditions during the wet season. These tall waterproof boots let you get into any mud and dirt without wetting your feet. Muck boots are also lightweight and easy to maintain. Buy boots online for convenience. You may also need some waterproof hiking footwear to explore around you when not in boots.

2. Waterproof and Warm Clothing

Your camping outfit should be waterproof so that you do not get wet. Underneath them should be warm clothing to keep your body temperature from getting low. For many people, a zip fleece jacket would do. However, for many others, they would need heavier jackets, especially for the night. However, even in the wet season, the weather may change now and then. Carry a quarter fleece jacket that you can wear when the weather warms up. Besides, ensure that you tack in your waterproof pants into your wellies so that you remain clean and dry all through.

3. A waterproof Gazebo

It may get a little soggy during the wet season. Therefore, you may not want to get your outdoor footwear into the tent when it is wet. A waterproof gazebo provides ample space for you to place your wet and dirty hiking outfit when you return to your tent. You may also set up a dining table and relax under the shade as you listen to the splattering of the raindrops as you cool away into the evening. Go for a version of the gazebo that is easy to install without requiring tools.

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4. Dry Bags

Dry bags are a better version of plastic bags. Although they are pricier, they can be used severally, making them cheaper in the long term and helping conserve the environment. These waterproof bags are suitable for storing anything that can be damaged by moisture, including wallets, camping outfit, extra pairs of footwear, socks and other items. These bags come with various closing mechanisms, including straps, clips, drawcords and zippers to secure your items. You can even carry one when walking around the camp during the day to keep your things dry.

5. Groundsheets

You do not want to keep your feet dry by using waterproof camping footwear only to get soggy when you get down to sleep. Groundsheets form a protective layer between the wet ground and your bedding, keeping you dry even when the ground gets overly wet. They also insulate your tent and prevent moisture from lowering the temperatures. Ensure that the groundsheets fit inside the tent so that they do not get rained on and get wet through the funnel effect.

6. Re-proofer Spray

As said earlier, it is important to carry waterproof items when camping in the rain. However, you may find that a jacket, tent or backpack leaks at a particular point due to improper folding or cracks in the proofing material. In that case, you need a waterproofing spray. The spray instantly seals any leaks in your items so that you can stay dry. This emergency accessory should never lack in your camping list. There are sprays specifically for tents and others that can be used on backpacks and clothing.

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7. Tarpaulin

Tarpaulin is a perfect waterproof material when working outdoors in the rain. If trying to pitch your tent in the rain, you can place a tarp over the tent so that you work with ease without getting soggy or causing water to get in. You can also place another on the ground on which to lay your groundsheets. It will also come in handy when breaking your camp and putting everything back together in the rain. Consider carrying two or more tarpaulins for your camping trip.

8. Lighters and Waterproof Matches

You may have problems lighting a fire in wet conditions. Regular matches can also be useless. Instead, go for magnesium lighters as they depend on the chemical reaction to start a fire. There are also waterproof match brands that can work in the rain. Get some for your camping trip.

Remember to carry the right camping gear if you intend to camp in the rain. It prevents you from getting cold, wet and the opportunistic illnesses that come with the wet weather. The list above provides some of such items. 

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