Youtuber Angry Rantman’s Death Reason Explored as Abhradeep Saha Loses His Life at 27

The entire social media is buzzing with Angry Rantman trending all over. However, the reason for trending is sorrowful. Speculations spread all over as news emerged that Angry Rantman also known as Abhradeep Saha, The Economic Times.

Abhradeep Saha also recognised as Angry Rantman, has tragically passed away. The reason of his death is multiple organ failure.

Prior to his passing, he was being treated in Bengaluru at the Narayan Cardiac Centre. 

Angry Rantman underwent surgery last month. However, his health deteriorated afterwards. 

As per Angry Rantman’s recent community posts on his official YouTube channel, the YouTuber was hospitalized. He also underwent important heart valve replacement surgery.

A few days ago, Angry Rantman’s father issued an update on the Youtuber’s health. He said that, Angry Rantman was still in the ICU and was recovering. 

According to Free Press Journal, two days ago, an update was received which stated that Abhradeep Saha was in a critical situation.

The update stated, “He is in a really critical situation with life-saving support System, Pray for a Faster Recovery.”

Despite giving required efforts, doctors were not successful in saving him. Last night, on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, Abhradeep Saha passed away. May his soul find peace. 

Reports have emerged online which indicates that Angry Rantman passed away due to multiple organ failure at the Narayan Cardiac Centre in Bengaluru. 

Who was Angry Rantman?

Angry Rantman was popular for his fervent devotion to Chelsea Football Club. His insightful analyses and impassioned rants earned him a dedicated following. 

Angry Rantman’s presence in communities of online football was incredible and unmistakable. He had his unwavering support for the Blues. He has made a prominent status for him in the realm of footballing.

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