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Video of Ohio Police Incident Goes Viral: Frank Eugene Tyson Dead

A video of a Black man, Frank Eugene Tyson, hollering ‘I can’t breathe’ as police kneel on his neck after scuffling him to the ground in a bar in Ohio has gone viral on the internet.

Frank Eugene Tyson was later handcuffed and taken into police custody.

According to local reports, Frank was declared dead by a local hospital.

The video has reminded netizens of the infamous incident of Black American George Floyd in 2020. Floyd died after something similar was done by a US police officer, sparking a global outrage in support of the Black community.

Video of Frank Eugene Tyson Sparks Outrage

Returning to Frank Eugene Tyson, in the 36-minute body camera footage posted by the Canton Police Department, a police officer can be seen arresting Frank. He was reportedly suspected of fleeing the scene of a single-car accident near a bar. In the viral clip, police can be seen talking to Tyson in a bar, to which he replies,

“Cal the sheriff, they’re trying to kill me”.

Later, the officer pins him to the floor and handcuffs him while one of the officers kneels on his neck for nearly 30 seconds. 

Meanwhile, Tyson, continuously shouts-

“I can’t breathe. I can’t… get off my neck.”

To which the officer replies- 

“Calm down, you’re fine”.

Once the officers stood up, Frank Eugene Tyson lay on the floor motionless, face down, for the next six minutes. When the officers checked on him, he seemed unresponsive.

The policemen say, ‘Is he breathing?’ and ‘Does he have a pulse?’

They attempt to give him CPR and an ambulance is called.

The accused officers are identified as Camden Burch and Beau Schoenegge. The local crime investigation bureau is currently reviewing the scene.

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