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Apple To Only Manufacture AirPods in India, Foxconn To Set Up Manufacturing Hubs In Nation

Apple Inc might stop manufacturing some of its products in India. According to the news circulating in the market, the company is not likely to manufacture Mac personal computers and iPads in India. However, the iPhone manufacturing company might start the manufacturing of AirPods here in the Indian territory. This report has been given by ET, The Economic Times.

This news resurfaced during the prevailing news regarding the production of major tech products by Cupertino-based tech giants stating that it will begin the production of its major products in India. As per the report released by the Economic Times, an officer stated, “While the finer details of Apple manufacturing were not discussed during Cook’s visit, Apple has not expressed interest in making Mac PCs here (in India).”

For the manufacturing process, our Indian central government is inviting Apple Inc to make use of the PLI scheme and come on board. PLI refers to a production-linked incentive scheme. Apple should start manufacturing its IT hardware products here. However, the announcement hasn’t been made yet. In the last quarter, which ended on 31 March, according to the statistics, the consumption and hence sales of Mac Personal Computers have fallen sharply. This is not the plight of India alone, but the whole globe.

Apple took a chance to shift its iPad Manufacturing units to India from China two years back. Albeit, the vendor, BYD was a Chinese organization. Therefore the trial failed miserably. Later in 2022, the organization moved to Vietnam.

As per KT Rama Rao, Telangana’s state IT minister, to set up the manufacturing hubs in the state, Foxconn has decided to invest 500 million USD. Foxconn also took the initiative to build manufacturing hubs in the country, so that Apple products can be manufactured here.

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