Best Sugar Substitutes: Try These 6 Things Instead of Harmful Sugar

Best Sugar Substitutes: Do you consume canned juice or drink to quench your thirst instead of homemade lemonade or buttermilk. Do you have cupcakes, pastries, cookies and cream rolls instead of fresh fruits in your fridge and pantry? are you one of them. Whose food is not complete without gulab jamuns or ice cream? In India, the occasion of making ‘muh sweet’ is a celebration of happiness, first of all sweet is used. However, do you know about that calorie. Which is the cake on your colleague’s birthday and two extra rounds you have made in the kitchen when your favorite rasgulla is kept in the fridge.

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Means anything prepared from white sugar. High blood pressure level, ’empty’ calories and zero nutritive value. As a result of this, problems like weight gain, headaches, heart disease, teeth and cavities can start gradually. Which can later turn into major health problems such as oral health diabetes and fatal diseases like cancer.

It is very important to know what you eat. And then after knowing what to eat. There are some sugar options here, which can give you the information to make something you like. It is perfectly fine to cheat food, but if you are eating out of stress or craving, then it is time to change your life. Remember that sugar with a different name is also found in things labeled as sugar-free.

Here are 6 options to avoid sugar:

1. Raw Honey

Honey has been used for nutritional medicine and medicinal works since ancient times. Fructose is found in high levels in it. It is sweeter than refined sugar. This obviously means that a small amount of honey is required for a single dish. So, is honey the last option of white sugar? Let’s find out

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Honey can be mixed with tea, which can be spread on toast. This can be a great alternative to white sugar cane sugar for your full-flavored boxes, hot drinks, and sauces. However, when I talk about honey, I am talking about raw honey. Many nutrients are lost during the standard processing of honey. Raw honey contains flavonoids which means that it is loaded with antioxidants, and has many anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. However, moderation is important here because honey has high calories. This may not be a good option for patients with diabetes. Because it increases the level of blood sugar

2. Date Sugar

Sugar can be obtained from dried dates. Which is then inserted to convert them into granules. It is considered to be rich in antioxidants as well as rich in fiber properties. Due to its amazing binding and blending properties, date sugar is used for smoothies as well as cookies. For your bakes and cakes, date syrup can be a very tasty option. However, you need to keep in mind that the fructose level of sugar in dates is also high. Therefore, to reduce the level of sugar, it should be used in a medium level.

3. Coconut sugar

A cut is made by placing the coconut on the palm. Which is left for further evaporation. After this process, a crystallized substance is released back. After which coconut sugar is made. One great thing about this natural sweetness is that it adds its texture and flavor to the main dish. For example, the coconut sugar test may have a new dimension. It can be used in tea or coffee, or sprinkled on top of a waffle or pancake, or is also added to spicy curries. This artificial sugar can be a good choice because it contains the nutrients of coconut. It has the presence of insulin fiber due to which is also considered good for the health of the intestine. However, it is high in calories, so it should be used less.

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4. Maple Syrup

Do you order maple syrup pancake for your breakfast? Maple syrup is one of the best alternatives over white sugar. And with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, maple syrup can be used for a wide variety of sweets. From donuts ice cream to savories such as salmon and pork. It has a lower glycemic index than refine sugar. Which means that it is very good for those who are struggling with high sugar levels, it is considered good for people. You can use it mixed with lemonade, tea, salad dressings and smoothies.

5. Fig

Very simple carbohydrates are found in figs. Those can be broken very easily. This means that it will not increase your insulin levels, the way sugar does. There are five ways you can use figs. Fig pudding, fig ladoos and fig biscuits and you can make it during festivals and holidays. Soak them in water and convert them into a puree, they are considered good for bone health, blood health, and digestive system.

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6. Jaggary

We all know that jaggery is a natural form of sugar substitute derived from sugarcane. Due to its anaerifine, it is considered a popherhouse of essential vitamins, minerals, iron and antioxidants. A small piece of jaggery after meals activates your digestive enzyme. It is considered very good for anemic patients, it can work to increase the level of hemoglobin in the body. Many dishes like jaggery pudding, jaggery rotis, jaggery ladoos and chiku can be made. Jaggery is considered more beneficial especially in winter season. Because it can magically reduce the effects of cough, cold and flu.

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