Biden reaffirms US commitment to Israel’s security

US President Joe Biden reassured America’s support for Israel’s security while emphasizing the need to contain the conflict from escalating further. Biden’s statements came during a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani at the White House, following Iran’s recent retaliatory attacks on Israel.

According to Biden, “The United States is committed to Israel’s security. We’re committed to a ceasefire that will bring the hostages home and prevent the conflict from spreading beyond what it already has.” The President’s remarks were his first public comments since the Iranian attack, which saw most missiles intercepted by Israeli and US forces.

The Biden administration’s primary goal is to prevent a wider regional war that the Iranian attack and potential Israeli response could precipitate. Biden also highlighted the importance of ensuring the security of US personnel and partners in the region, including Iraq. He emphasized the critical nature of the partnership between Iraq and the US in maintaining stability and security in the region.


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