Chicago Rat Hole Landmark Removed by City Department and Mayor’s Office

On the sidewalks of a Chicago road, there was a space that resembled a rat with a tail; even the crimps and minute deviations in the nails were visible.

Residents started referring to this peculiar landmark as a “rat hole” rather than a pothole. People began throwing coins around it, and the small defect turned into an attraction for both locals and tourists in Chicago.

Visitors often threw coins, took pictures, and created a commotion in the area. Some residents complained to the mayor about the disturbance caused by tourists and onlookers.

The removal of the rat hole was a collaborative decision between city departments and the mayor’s office. Eventually, the mayor announced that it would be fixed since it was considered a defect.

Paul Sajovec commented,

“It was just a combination of the fact that the sidewalk was uneven and also that people would show up at various times of the day and night and make a lot of noise and create other issues and problems.”

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In January, people even pursued an imprint of the rat in the walkway. The rat hole had gained immense popularity over the past few days, but it was time to say farewell. The rat had touched the hearts of many; it was well-loved, but now it will be fixed and will disappear from the heart of the sidewalk.

Shreshtha Banerjee

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