California mother files lawsuit against Tesla after her 2-year-old child starts Model X and runs over her

A California mother, Mallory Harcourt, has filed a lawsuit against Tesla after her two-year-old son allegedly started a Tesla Model X and ran over her while she was pregnant. The incident occurred in 2018, resulting in serious injuries to the pregnant woman.

Harcourt’s lawyers claim that the Tesla Model X had a design flaw that allowed her son to start the vehicle and drive it into her, causing a premature delivery and a broken pelvis. While the family initially chose the Tesla for its safety features, the incident has made them reconsider their decision.

According to the lawsuit, the toddler was able to start the car by pressing the brake pedal and shifting gears into drive mode. Tesla’s attorneys have denied the allegations of a design flaw, attributing the accident to the woman’s negligence in leaving her son unattended.

The lawsuit highlights the importance of child safety and raises questions about the design and security features of electric vehicles. The case has sparked a debate on responsibility and accountability in ensuring the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

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