New Automaker Introduces Colour Changing Technology Following BMW’s Lead

Toyota has applied for a patent for a color-changing paint technology that allows owners or dealerships to change the color of a car using heat and light. The technology is designed to meet rapidly changing consumer preferences in the automotive industry.

The application, filed in 2022 but published by the USPTO in March this year, outlines the need for easy color changes to keep up with trends or make cars more appealing for sale. Toyota’s innovative paint technology eliminates the need for complex repainting or vinyl wraps by reacting to heat and light to alter hues.

The process involves driving a car into a bay with heating elements and using a “color modulator” device to change the paint color. This device, controlled by a human or robot, communicates with temperature sensors to determine the right settings for the desired color. Toyota acknowledges BMW’s similar technology showcased at CES 2022 on the iX electric SUV.

BMW’s color-changing technology, demonstrated on the iX Flow, uses E Ink technology to alter the car’s exterior color instantly. The specially developed body wrap contains millions of paint capsules with pigments that respond to electrical signals, allowing for a seamless color change process. The body is warmed and sealed to ensure consistent color reproduction with every change.

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