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UN Chinese Language Day is observed on 20 April every year. It is a celebration of the traditional Chinese Lunisolar calendar. It tends to divide the entire year into 24 solar terms. Each solar term denotes a different astrological event and different seasons of the year. 

Some of the 6 solar terms include Sring Equinox, Winter Solstice, Moon Festival, Qingming Festival and Lunar New Year. The 6th one is Guyu meaning ‘Rain of Millet.’ It falls somewhere around 20 or 19 April as per Gregorian calendar. The day when farmers in China traditionally sow their fields. Also on this day, the mythical inventor of the Chinese language, Cangjie is honoured. 

The Chinese language has evolved significantly since the thousands of years. In this, Oracle bone inscriptions are regarded as the oldest Chinese characters known to people. Mostly they were used at the time of the Shang Dynasty.

With time, the Chinese character’s pattern on tortoise shells transformed into the first generation of Chinese characters. When Qin Shihuang did the unification of China, the writing style of every kingdom was different. So, Qin Shihuang standardized the Chinese language but the writing pattern evolved in many ways and later led to the end of ancient Chinese writing. 

The day is observed in many different ways. As mentioned above, Cangjie known to have invented the Chinese character and a famous historian is honoured. UN along with its affiliated organisations conduct a wide range of activities to highlight the rich culture of China and its heritage.

Apart from that, notable calligraphers, poets and Chinese writers organise seminars and workshops to honour the inventor of the Chinese language.  

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Chinese is one of the most difficult languages in this world and this is one thing that makes is so unique. Wishing everyone a very Happy Chinese Language Day.

If you have learnt Chinese language then learning any other language would be so much easier for you. Warm greetings on the occasion of Chinese Language Day to you.

On the occasion of Chinese Language Day, let us learn something new about the history of the Chinese language and its contribution.

Posters, Banners, CLiparts and Captions

Wishing a very Happy Chinese Language Day to you. Let us make the most of this day by making an attempt to learn this amazing language.

The occasion of Chinese Language Day gives all of us an opportunity to learn something more about Chinese literature and language. Warm wishes on this special day to you.

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