Chrisean Rock Announces She’s Quit Smoking and Drinking Amid Speculations of Newborn Being Blind

Chrisean Rock has been very famous over the past few years, primarily due to her tumultuous relationship with Blueface, which garnered much attention. Recently, Chrisean Rock claimed she has quit smoking and drinking.

Chrisean Rock Says She Quit Smoking and Drinking as Concerns Arise Over Newborn’s Health

Despite the repeated cycles of fighting, breaking up, and reconciling, which fans found amusing, Blueface is now in jail, but they are together again. Currently, Rock is more focused on motherhood.

Now, Rock has claimed that she has quit smoking and drinking, but some people think that she is too late to do so. When pregnant or expecting, others are always supposed to stop smoking and drinking as it can affect the health of the child.

She announced her lifestyle changes on social media, but some critics believe she is making these changes too late.

It is generally advised to quit smoking and drinking during pregnancy due to potential risks to the child’s health.

Rock has always led a fun and carefree life, often seen smoking, drinking, and partying. However, the blank stare of her baby, Chrisean Jr., has led some to speculate that the child suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Debate is rife in the comments section, with some blaming Rock’s lifestyle for her baby’s condition. Others argue that it is normal for babies to look blankly as they have not yet developed the capacity to understand and comprehend their surroundings.

Rock has not responded to any of these comments. Fans continue to speculate about the baby’s health, and the interview has created a chaotic atmosphere. Many refuse to believe that Rock quit her habits during her pregnancy, and they suspect these habits have adversely affected the baby.

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