Drake Posts Scene From ‘A Man In Full’ Netizens Concerned About It Being Connected To The Rap Feud

So, Drake has probably pulled his white card off the feud he’s having with Kendrick, given what he has posted online.

To refresh it, Drake and Kendrick Lamar are in the middle of a crazy rap feud that is going beyond limits.

They are posting raps against each other back and forth and revealing some very heavy confidential information about each other.

For instance, things like Kendrick tends to assault his wife and Drake has a secret daughter—things like that.

Drake Posts Scene From ‘A Man In Full’

However, Drake is probably pulling his hat out of the ring.

Drake was watching “A Man in Full,” a Netflix series about a man with a company who goes through some internal and external issues.

There is a scene in the series where Charlie, the main character is looking at the ceiling and trying to register what is happening in his life.

He tries to understand if, once he’s gone, anyone will ever remember him or try to save him.

Drake shared that scene on his Instagram story.

He’s probably trying to point out his situation through that scene.

Considering the rap battle has led to lots of things, recently his house was also shot at, and his security guard was left injured.

Nothing has been confirmed, and Drake has not explained this as of yet.

Netizens are taking sides; some are saying Drake is emotional and this should be over, while some are saying Drake can’t write and that’s why he’s playing the sympathy card.

Kendrick or Drake has yet to respond to any of this.

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