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Drake vs Kendrick Lamar Rap Battle Rivalry Explained With Timeline and Song Name

The Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar feud is the new Taylor vs. Kardashians and is currently on its way to becoming our Roman Empire. The two artists are now in a heated rap battle, but this rap battle isn’t like the one where you choose who is the best. This is where you spill the beans on each other’s lives and bombard the fans with information and shocking tea! We have mentioned the detailed timeline of what went down and how it went down below.

Drake vs Kendrick Lamar Rap Battle Rivalry Explained

“Like That” by Lamar (March 22, 2024)

The one that started the fire was this track. Lamar mentioned that Drake is not on the Big Three list of rappers and went on to compare himself and Drake with Michael Jackson and Prince.

“Push Ups” by Drake (April 13, 2024)

Drake mysteriously leaked this track and said that Lamar is not in any Big Three. He also mentioned that SZA has outlived Lamar and Lamar is too busy with Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 pop songs.

“Taylor Made Freestyle” by Drake (April 19, 2024)

Lamar still did not reply to this. Drake here mentioned that Lamar is streaming Taylor’s new album TTPD. He also used the AI voices of Lamar’s idols to show him down in his tracks.

“Euphoria” by Kendrick Lamar (April 30, 2024)

“Euphoria” is the series that Drake produced. Here he called Drake out for his plastic surgery and his AI usage in his songs. He also mentioned that Drake has nothing to parent to, unlike Lamar who has a kid.

“6:16 in LA” by Kendrick Lamar (May 3, 2024)

Produced by Jack Antonoff, which is a direct reference to Swift’s songs. Here Lamar says that Drake’s team secretly hates Drake and also refers to the operative inside him.

“Family Matters” by Drake (May 3, 2024)

Here Drake mentioned that Lamar’s child is raised by his manager. Lamar also cheated on his fiancée, which was spilled in this song.

“Meet the Grahams” by Kendrick Lamar (May 4, 2024)

Now, this is where the ball dropped with Lamar revealing Drake has a secret daughter. He also mentioned that Adonis should be sorry for how happy Drake is as his dad and circled back to his plastic surgeries.

“Not Like Us” by Kendrick Lamar (May 4, 2024)

Lamar here mentioned Drake being a pedophile because of all the Billie Eilish rumors. He also took up his tendency to use AI in his songs, tagging it as artificial.

Drake’s “The Heart Part 6” (May 5, 2024)

Here Drake announced that the hidden daughter was a fake rumor started by his team and addressed Lamar using deep fakes in his music videos.

The more is definitely yet to come…

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