10 Stunning No-Makeup Photos of Emma Watson You Need to See

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is her real name, and people tend to use the acronym for her stage purposes.

Emma Watson is a well-known Hollywood actress. She started off her work in the media at the tender age of 12 with the Harry Potter movies, where she played the role of Hermione Granger.

Later on, she went on to play in Beauty and the Beast and gained loads of fandom.

Emma is known to be humble, simple, and a person who supports loads of humanitarian activities like feminism and equality.

Below we have mentioned 10 no-makeup images of Emma Watson for you to check out!

Emma Watson No-Makeup Images:

1. Simple Stroll

In this picture, Emma has her earphones on. She has no makeup and looks super comfy and casual.

a screenshot of a woman with glasses on her head

2. Sleek!

Emma has her hair open and dyed blonde in this picture. Her face is without makeup.

Emma Watson No Makeup

3. Short and Perfect

In this picture, Emma has a scarf around her neck. She has no makeup and is showing her bare skin here.

a woman holding a cookie

4. Grey Scarf

Emma has her hair short in this picture. She is wearing a jacket over her grey t-shirt.

a woman laughing with a scarf

5. Lazy Bedtime

Here, Emma has a hint of red lip gloss on. She seems to be lying on her bed and she is super comfy!

Emma Watson lying on a bed

6. Beachside

Emma has no makeup on here. She also has her hair open and it’s up to her shoulders.

7. Oversized

Emma is wearing a white oversized hoodie in this picture. Her hair is also cut short.

a woman standing next to a woman

8. Brunette

Emma is wearing a black cardigan over a T-shirt here. Her hair is open and she has a sunshade on her head.

Emma Watson with her arms crossed

9. High Bun

This is an old picture of Emma. She has her hair tied loosely in a bun and she looks stunning.

Emma Watson in a black dress

10. Sling Bag

Here, Emma is wearing a white outfit. Her hair is half-tied and wavy. She has no makeup and she looks stunning.

Emma Watson walking on a sidewalk

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