10 Lana Del Ray No Makeup Pictures

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, who is popularly known Lana Del Rey, is an American singer and songwriter. She started her career with single “Video Game” in 2011. She is mostly famous for her vintage-looking tracks.

Recently, she collaborated with Taylor Swift on the album ‘Midnights,’ specifically on the song ‘Snow on the Beach.’ ‘Summertime Sadness’ is the track that made Lana a fan favorite. Lana has always been a makeup person with her aesthetic Y2K looks.

Here, we’re checking out 10 no-makeup pictures of Lana Del Ray:

Lana Del Ray No Makeup Pictures:

1. Outdoorsy

Lana has her hair in pigtail braids in this picture. Lana also don’t have any makeup here; however, she did apply a little hint of eye touch to make it look brighter.

Lana Del Ray

2. Driving Around

Lana took this picture in the car. She looks stunning in a blue tank top, and her hair is tied back a little.

Lana Del Ray

3. Night Out

Lana had brunette hair when this was taken. She is wearing a tank top and grey jacket, and her hair is blown out.

Lana Del Ray

4. Close Up

Lana took this picture in a close manner. She is showing off her clear skin and has no makeup put on.

Lana Del Ray

5. Paps

This picture was taken outside while Lana is wearing a grey t-shirt, and her glasses are tucked up in her hair without makeup.

Lana Del Ray

6. Fan Click

Lana took this picture with a fan. She is without any makeup here and seems like she was out shopping.

Lana Del Ray

7. Simple

The paparazzi took this picture of Lana. She is wearing a white top and a red headband.

Lana Del Ray Songs

8. Mirror Selfie

Lana is without makeup in this picture and took a mirror selfie.

Lana Del Ray

9. Angelic

Here, Lana is wearing a white dress. She is wearing no makeup and looks all-natural.

Lana Del Ray Without Makeup

10. No-Makeup, Makeup

Lana Del Ray No Makeup

Very minimal makeup that does not show up on the skin, yet it makes her look flawless.

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