ESPN Did Not Leak The 2024 NHL Draft Order But Fans Think Otherwise

When ESPN’s John Buccigross posted a picture on X of the set where the 2024 NHL Draft Lottery results were being rehearsed, he did not expect the commotion it would create. The tweet, which has since been deleted, showed the San Jose Sharks selecting first in the 2024 NHL Draft and Utah’s new NHL franchise picking second.

The tweet was live for almost an hour before Buccigross deleted it and clarified what was happening on the set. The San Jose Sharks also saw the post and had some fun with the rehearsal’s results.

Fans Believe ESPN Leaked the 2024 NHL Draft Order Despite Clarifications

The lottery draw will happen an hour before the results are announced. SJHN’s Sheng Peng confirmed that he will witness the lottery in person. People who saw the tweet were left wondering if Lady Luck was smiling at the Sharks, giving them a chance to select Macklin Celebrini. The results will be broadcast live on ESPN at 3:30 p.m. PST.

Hockey fans were in a frenzy, reaching a fever pitch when ESPN’s John Buccigross leaked the draft lottery order early in a now-deleted tweet. Despite deleting the tweet, many still believe Buccigross accidentally revealed a suspicious draft board in the corner of the NHL’s Draft Lottery set.

The NHL draft lottery was scheduled for Tuesday. The tweet featured a picture taken during the rehearsal of the event, showing the draft order with the San Jose Sharks grabbing the No. 1 overall pick and Utah (previously the Arizona Coyotes) jumping to No. 2 overall. However, after deleting the tweet, Buccigross reposted it with different pictures and clarified that the previous post showed what was happening during the rehearsal.

“The Draw happens at 5:30! We are rehearsing!!!!”

Buccigross tweeted.

It should be noted that this is not the first time the draft order has leaked ahead of the NHL’s official announcement.

It will be interesting to see how the final draft order ends up after the lottery. Many believe that Buccigross accidentally revealed the results of the 2024 NHL Draft Lottery hours before it was supposed to take place and later deleted it to make amends. Some question why he needed to delete it if it was just a rehearsal; Buccigross could have explained it and kept the tweet intact. His action to delete the tweet only adds more intrigue to the incident.

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