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Rauw Alejandro Replaces Rosalía’s Tattoo On His Stomach

Rauw Alejandro is a well-known Puerto Rican singer. He was engaged to Rosalía, who is another famous singer. They were in a committed relationship for a long time. They started dating in 2019 and in 2021 they made their relationship public and told their fans and the media.

Rauw Alejandro Replaces Rosalía’s Tattoo

They also got engaged to each other, but due to problems and consequences, they broke up and parted ways in July 2023. The reason behind this separation was not cheating by either of the parties; it was a mutual decision taken by both.

“Throughout these last few years, you have all been a part of my professional achievements, as well as all my happy moments that I have lived as a couple. Never did I see myself in this position that I had to think that I had to give public declarations about this topic that is so private to me. Yes, a few months ago, Rosi and I broke off our compromise (aka engagement),”

posted Alejandro.

“”I love, respect and admire Rauw… We know what we lived. This is not an easy moment, so thank you for understanding and respecting,”

said Rosalia about their break-up announcements.

While they were together, Rauw had lots of tattoos inspired by and directly dedicated her. He also had a tattoo on his stomach, which was related to his girlfriend.

However, until recently, he removed the tattoo and replaced it with a butterfly.

The couple has moved on from each other. They both have asked for privacy about this issue from the media.

However, the couple is now seen with different people.

Rosalía was recently seen with Jeremy Allen White, and Rauw was seen with Camila Cabello, another Hollywood singer who is very famous and accredited for her work.

When Rauw Alejandro’s new tattoo was revealed to the public, people were surprised to see that he had replaced the tattoo about Rosalía on his stomach with a butterfly.

News and fans online were shocked by this change.

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