FIP letter to Civil Aviation Minister states that Revised CAR does not benefit pilots

The Federation of Indian Pilots (FIP) has written to Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya M. Scindia alleging that the DGCA has made changes to the regulation for ‘Consecutive Night Operation’ without proper consultation. Previously, pilots were required to have a 24-hour rest period after working two consecutive nights, but this provision has been removed from the revised Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR).

This change means that pilots could potentially be scheduled for flights beyond 6 a.m. without a sufficient rest period after consecutive night duties, putting passenger safety at risk. The FIP is concerned about the impact of this amendment and has requested the DGCA to reconsider the decision.

Following the announcement of relaxed deadlines for implementing new pilot rest regulations, FIP President Captain C.S. Randhawa raised concerns about the potential risks to passenger safety. The FIP has submitted a representation to the DGCA opposing the deferment of the implementation of the revised CAR, stressing the importance of ensuring pilots have adequate rest to prevent incidents.

In response to the DGCA’s revision of the CAR, the FIP has criticized the decision to grant operators discretionary powers in implementing the revised regulations. The FIP argues that this move does not serve the interests of pilots or the aviation sector in India and could undermine safety standards in the industry. The FIP urges the DGCA to reconsider the decision and prioritize the well-being of pilots and passengers.


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