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Global Concern: Tensions between Israel and Iran, says S. Jaishankar

Bengaluru, April 16 (IANS) External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar expressed deep concern over the tension between Israel and Iran, highlighting the potential for a global crisis. Speaking at an event in Rajajinagar, he emphasized the need for a collaborative approach to tackle such issues.

Jaishankar, at an interactive session titled ‘Vishwa Bandhu Bharat’, stressed the impact of tensions between countries on global economy. He stated, “Such tensions will lead to an increase in oil prices, food prices, and inflation. The only panacea for all such global problems is the concept of ‘Vishwa Bandhu’.”

The minister also mentioned the challenges faced by an Indian ship caught in the turmoil in Iran with 17 Indian nationals on board. He assured efforts being made to ensure their safe return and highlighted the responsibility to evacuate about 18 lakh Indians in the region promptly.

Addressing the broader geopolitical landscape, Jaishankar pointed out various global crises, including tension in Ukraine, ongoing war in Gaza, and disturbance in the Indian Pacific region. He called for mature leadership to address these challenges, emphasizing the importance of a collaborative approach over unilateral actions.India’s active role in global forums, like the G20 Presidency, has drawn attention to the issues faced by the Global South, he added.

In conclusion, Jaishankar reiterated the importance of diplomatic efforts and international cooperation to navigate through the current global challenges effectively. He emphasized India’s commitment to addressing such issues and playing a constructive role in shaping a peaceful global order.–IANS


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