Hardik Pandya Tattoos and their Hidden Meaning Explained [2022]

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Hardik Pandya is one of the most popular cricketers in India. Apart from cricket, he is also known for his lavish lifestyle, expensive gifts, and body art. The tattoo often speaks about the person’s personality. Let’s dig deeper into Hardik Pandya tattoos and the meaning behind them. 

Hardik Pandya Tattoos and their Hidden Meaning

Hardik Pandya Tattoo

Hardik Pandya has tattooed ‘Believe’ on his left arm. The tattoo as Hardik says gives him the strength to tackle any situation or hurdles life throws. Being born in a typical middle-class Gujarati family in Baroda, the tattoo also depicts the struggle he faced while growing up. 

Hardik has one tiger tattoo on his left arm. According to him, this is his favourite tattoo as it gives him strength, and courage to become like a tiger in life in order to succeed. 

Hardik Pandya Tattoos

Hardik Pandya also has one tattoo of a fighter carrying a sword on the inner side of his right arm. He also inked a phrase that says-  “never give up” underneath the tattoo. He says it gives him motivation and never say die attitude towards life. 

Hardik Pandya has one tattoo of the phrase “Live to Succeed or Die Trying” on his left arm bicep. It indicates that you should stop trying in your life by giving everything you have. When you’re studying his tattoos it looks more like looking at a motivational novel than body art. 

Hardik Pandya has two dogs whom he loves very much. In order to pay tribute to them, he got their paws inked on the right side of his neck. The tattoo also has their initials- A and B i.e Aston Pandya and Bentley Pandya.

Hardik has also a tattooed symbol of ‘peace’ on the left side of his neck. The sign can be found in various cultures and beliefs. It also indicates the volatility from his nature is gone and he is now at peace with life. He got a clock inked on his left forearm indicating the time of his birth.

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