Hezbollah confirms the deaths of five operatives in an Israeli airstrike

Hezbollah confirmed that five of its members were killed in Israeli airstrikes, bringing the total number of operatives killed since the Israel-Hamas war began to 255. The deceased were identified as Kamel Shehadeh, Hassan Hassan, Ali Yazbek, Ali Aqeel, and Hussain Zahoor. Shehadeh and Hassan were paramedics in Hezbollah’s Islamic Health Authority.

The militant outfit, believed to be backed by Iran, stated that the remaining operatives belonged to the Amal Movement and the Islamic Message Scouts Association. The announcement followed several IDF strikes on Hezbollah targets in the past day. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasarullah has challenged Israel in televised addresses but refrained from engaging in a full-scale war.

Hezbollah’s declaration of the operatives’ deaths was made on Wednesday night, with the victims identified as Kamel Shehadeh from Deyrintar; Hassan Hassan from Mazraat Mechref; Ali Yazbek from Naqoura; Ali Aqeel from Jebbayn; and Hussain Zahoor from Yohmor. The group referred to the deceased as having been killed ‘on the road to Jerusalem,’ its terminology for casualties in Israeli attacks.


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