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Top 15 Hot Indian Web Series To Watch Online That Should Be On Your Watchlist In 2023

Hot Indian Web Series – Love watching erotic content then this one is for you. Listed below are some of the best hot Indian web series that are worth your time. Keep scrolling- 

Top 15 Hot Indian web series

1. Gandii Baat 

Hot Indian Web Series Watch Online

One of the most popular web series on ALT Balaji. The web series explores many erotic themes such as wild sexual fetishes, threesomes and bi-sexuality to name a few. One of the best erotic web series in India.

2. Bombay Begums

Hot Indian Web Series - Bombay Begums

The hot indian web series explores the lives of 5 ladies in Mumbai. As they continue with their lives, all of them had to go through pain, betrayal, and self-awareness in a male dominating society. It also has many sexually explicit scenes so viewer discretion is advised. 

3. X.X.X: Uncensored 

X.X.X: Uncensored 

If you are looking for boldness and spice then try checking this one Each episode has its own story and character highlighting various shades of love, lust and romance. Kyra Dutt and Rithvik Dhanjani have been cast in the leading role. 

4. Lovely Massage Parlour 

Lovely Massage Parlour - Hot Indian Web Series

An adult web series that shows a girl from a middle-class background facing struggles in her life due to a shortage of money. She is trying her best to save her home from the bank. She asks for help from her friend and starts working in a massage parlour. 

5. Wanna Have A Good Time

Wanna Have A Good Time

A bold web series filled with enticing love-making scenes. It revolves around a guy inviting an escort while his wife is out of town. Watch how the drama unfolds.

6. Virgin Bhasskar 

Virgin Bhasskar 

Bhasker is a porn writer and the best part is that he is a virgin. Soon he meets a girl and wants to lose his virginity. But things don’t come this easily. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

7. Mona Home Delivery 

Mona Home Delivery - Hot Indian Web Series

Mona comes from an extremely poor background and starts working as a prostitute. She starts her own social media platform where she invites her customer and asks for phone sex. Web series highlights the daily struggles of a sex worker. 

8. Rasbhari 


Swara Bhaskar has been cast in the leading role. She is playing the role of a teacher named Rasbhari and soon becomes a sexual fantasy of every guy in school. Each episode has its own sexual fantasy that is not discussed in public. 

9. Charmsukh 


The hot indian web series is available on the ullu app and tends to highlight various forms of female sexuality. This one surely be on your watchlist. 

10. Fuh Se Fantasy 

Fuh Se Fantasy 

Sub-part of Rasbhari web series. The cast includes Karan Wahi, Anupriya Goenka and Plabita Borthakur to name a few. Sexual fetishes that are not openly discussed are shown in each episode.

11. Mastram


One of the most popular erotic hot indian web series on the ullu app revolves around an erotic writer named Raja Ram. 

12. Khalish


The web series explores the relationship between saas and bahu. Saas likes a guy in her neighbourhood and Bahu decides to play the cupid and help her saas to fall in love with her.

13. Sajani


A love triangle is where a wife loves her husband but the husband is in love with someone else. Surely this triangle is not gonna end with a happy ending. 

14. Girgit

. Girgit

Watch the dangerous love story of Janhvi and Ranbir. Both of them are fearless girgits. Watch the web series as the drama unfolds. 

15. Devrani Jethani Aur Woh

Hot Indian Web Series

Sarju is a village playboy and loves to flirt with the ladies of his area. One day he falls in love with Guncha and wants to settle down. But turns out she is married to someone else. 

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