How much blood does a newborn baby have? Do you have answers to such strange questions of IAS interview

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Friends, today we have come up with answers to some of the questions asked in IAS Interview which are fun as well as being tricky. Knowing which you will enjoy and get information too. These tricky questions are mostly asked to check your mind in interviews. Every year millions of children in the country prepare for the UPSC exam. So keep preparing for the written examination as well as the interview. The interview is also quite tough with UPSC exam. In this, tricky questions are asked many times to check the IQ of the candidates. Therefore, to sharpen your general knowledge, you must also know the answers to these questions.

Frequently asked questions in IAS Interview

Q1. Which state of India has the longest girls?

To this, a candidate replied, “The girls of Punjab are considered to be taller, but in one research, the girls of Jammu and Kashmir were found to be the tallest.” There women 154cm Can be longer than. On the other hand, girls of Haryana and Punjab and Rajasthan are also tall.

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Q2. What is the difference between Here and There?

Answer- Actually such questions are asked to check the mind, the correct answer is- Here and there is only difference of T.

Q3. Not a beggar but asks for money, not a girl but carries a purse, is not a priest, but plays the bell, tell me who he is?

Answer: Conductor, this question is actually a puzzle that is asked to be exercised in the mind. Such riddle questions are asked to test reasoning and thinking ability, so you have to answer the questions with common sense.

Q4. On a table, 2 bananas are placed in a plate, how will we divide it equally among the three people without cutting and chopping?

Answer- On a plate and a table, three bananas, three will be divided one by one. The answer lies in the question itself.

Q5. Where do you kidnap a girl and get married?

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Answer- This controversial tradition continues on the island of Sumba, Indonesia. If a man likes a woman on this island, then he kidnaps and marries the woman and is not classified as a crime. Here the Kidnap Marriage is considered correct as it is associated with tradition here.

Q6. What is the amount of blood in the body of a newborn baby?

Answer: 270 ML

Q7. Which is the largest fruit on the tree?

Answer: Jackfruit

Q8. What is the food that does not spoil for thousands of years?

Answer: Honey, bees give honey and it does not spoil for many years, it can be stored and eaten for thousands of years. There is no smell in it. In the village, the older the honey, the more pure and virtuous it is.

Q9. What is the future of robotics? Will there be a time when robots will replace humans?

Candidate’s answer – Robotics and thinking man separate emotional. We are intellectuals humans have made robots. Emotion and consciousness have not yet come in the robot and it is also difficult to come. Artificial intelligence has definitely arrived, but its basic test remains, after crossing it, it is told that the robot has artificial intelligence. Feeling like humans is not possible, it is difficult for robots to replace humans.

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Q10. What is the thing that tastes everything with the tongue, not with its feet?

Answer: Butterfly

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