Priya Mishra Web Series Names List (18+ Age Only)

Priya Mishra web series – Famous bold actress Priya Mishra has garnered quite a fanbase with her commendable performance on screen. Listed below are some of the best Priya Mishra web series to watch to get rid of your boredom. Keep scrolling- 

Best Priya Mishra web series

1. Golu

Priya Mishra Ullu Web Series
Cast:Ankita Dave
Priya Mishra
Crew:Director: Jasbir Bhati

One of the best Priya Mishra web series. Here she will be seen alongside Ankita Dave and Suhana Khan. All of them are known for their bold performance on screen. It will be interesting to see what the web series holds when three iconic masterpieces have been cast in one frame. Actor Punesh Tripathi will be seen in the supporting role.  

2. Jaghanya Gaddar Part 2

Priya Mishra Gaddar Jhaganya
Cast:Rajeev Bharadwaj
Ankit Gajera
Adhvik Mahajan
Crew:Director: Ajay V.

A murder mystery that revolves around the murder of a couple named Usha and Uday. Inspector Arun along with his associate Vikram has been assigned to handle the case. As they dive deeper into the investigation, one question that needs to be answered is- “Is blood really thicker than water?”. Priya Mishra will be seen in a prominent role. 

3. Tigdambaaz 2

Cast:Priya Mishra
Ayesha Kapoor
Crew:Director: Gaurav

The web series is about a group of friends planning a night out by renting a house for a day. The owner of the house is a girl with whom everyone is smitten. They have plans to bring a girl for the night but soon the story takes a drastic turn when they receive a mysterious letter. 

4. Gaddar Jaghanya

Cast:Priya Mishra 
Advik Mahajan 
Crew:Director: Ajay V.

As discussed above, a murder mystery where Inspector Arun must find the culprit behind the murder of a couple Uday and Usha. With so much evidence against the family, everyone is shocked to learn that the motive behind the murder is money and power. 

5. Dunali Part 3

Cast:Shubham Deorukhar
Priya Mishra
Palak Singh
Crew:Director: soon update

The web series revolves around a guy that has two private parts. Because of this, he is in high demand among ladies. He starts to work as an escort and lakhs of money start to come in.

6. Riti Riwaj Mann Marzi

Cast:Deepti Alvani
Dakshit Bharadwaj
Aditya Chaudhary
Crew:Director: Jasbir Bhaati

The web series follows a peculiar tradition where the bride is allowed to have a sexual relationship with any man outside of marriage in the absence of her husband. In order to do this, she chooses her brother-in-law. 

7. Dunali 

Priya Mishra Hot Web Series
Cast:Nehal Vadoliya
Shubham Deorukhar
Babul Bhavsar
Crew:Director: Imtiaz Alam

It is a story about an unemployed guy named Sameer. Because of his two private parts, he has gotten into prostitution. One day he meets a woman and falls in love with her. Because of insecurity, he hasn’t told her about his profession and two private parts. Watch the web series when to know what happens when his girlfriend finds out about this. 

8. Dunali Part 2

Priya Mishra Web Series
Cast:Aayushi Jaiswal
Priya Mishra
Sharanya Jit Kaur
Crew:Director: Imtiaz Alam

One of the best mind-boggling Priya Mishra web series. The cast includes Nehal Valodiya and Prerna Singh to name a few. The web series is best known for enticing love-making scenes so viewer discretion is advised. 

9. Crime Patrol

The web series brings crime stories happening in the country. 

Cast:Anup Soni
Sanjeev Tyagi
Moin Azam Khan
Crew:Director: Darshan Raj

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