How Workplace Designs Impacts On Employee Engagement

Although the nature of work is changing, still employees need to connect with office space and spend a significant amount of time in a physical place of work. Modern workplace designs help to enhance & boosts employee engagement that reflects in productivity. Organizations continue to give focus on building a better workplace environment.  “A greater workplace produces greater productivity”

Communication Needs

Employees always want to feel a strong connection with the company and colleagues. A recent study done by Bonfyre with fortune 500 companies found that roughly 75 percent of the 38 employees and managers surveyed wanted more information about what was going on in their organization.

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Better physical office space plays a major role and creates opportunities for both formal & informal communications, engagement, collaboration, and knowledge transfer. The most thriving workplaces will be designed to maximize employee experience by providing ‘fit for purpose circumstances to carry out these activities more strongly and successfully.

Make Space Feel Everyone Inclusive

The workplace needs to allow everyone to feel help & also allows them to be their best. Building a great inclusive office space will positively impact employee engagement.

Recent research states that “Employees who feel connected produce 400 percent more revenue and are 37 percent more productive” 

A few suggestions to creating a more inclusive workspace:

  • Create flexible collaboration spaces and options for workspaces
  • Creating a similar virtual experience for remote workers
  • Creating quiet contemplation/prayer rooms/yoga allowing employees to address their spiritual needs.
  • Improves the physical collaboration spaces like a food court, coffee bar, and kitchen work areas.
  • Ensure restroom partition doors are designed for privacy and accessibility, supporting a comfortable and inclusive environment for all employees.

The main goal is to include all employees by giving them everything they look for and making space to help everyone feel included.

Encourages Employee-Centric Work Experience

The next step for the organization is to create employee sustainability and a more holistic journey that integrates both physical and virtual experiences. Offering flexible time, rewards, and recognition programs can make employees feel valued which strengthen working relationships and results in higher satisfaction & lower turn-over. 

Here are a few other suggestions to creating engaging workspace environment:

  • Make sure employees have to communicate easily and equip the workspace with modernized technology that includes LED displays, high-quality microphones, and web cameras.
  • Encourage personal sharing among employees, which will foster more personal connections and it also helps them connect better with each other employees. Provide an opportunity for all employees to provide feedback on company functionalities/ operations like the product, marketing, HR policies. It makes employees feel a strong connection to their superiors and their missions.
  • Flexible working time not only for adopting the changing nature, but also helps to diversification that creates work experience best for the employees. 

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Implementing all the mentioned suggestions require a significant commitment for organization especially in the Covid-19 crisis and new normal condition & guidelines. However, if you plan accordingly there will be huge potential rewards from an employee engagement perspective. 

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