7 Special Mother’s Day Flowers To Surprise Your Mom

The Mother’s Day flowers given to show your blooming love is a sweet gesture. Kudos and cheers to our divine moms for tirelessly doing what they’ve done and constantly do for us.

Gifting flowers is like natural therapy and the thought of colors and fragrance is enchanting forever.

Even though petals die out unless kept wet, they are still pleasing to the eyes.

Even if you wish to make paper flowers and don’t wish to stick to real flowers, go ahead and make the most of ideas to beautifully craft and present them to your mother.

Besides the attraction factor in flowers, there is so much of an emotional factor of gratitude attached to them and what’s even more interesting is there are dedicated flowers to give on Mother’s Day.

Do you know which ones are those special flowers? Read on to know it all!

Which Flowers To Give On Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day celebration without flowers is incomplete and here are some dedicated flowers given to moms on this special occasion.

However, there is no hard and fast rule to stick to these flowers but if you wish to follow the tradition then here they are!

1. Delightful Carnations

Carnations are perfectly crafted and come in pink and reddish shades, apt for Mother’s Day celebrations.

Choose a bouquet with lights around the flowers or a shining gift paper intricately wrapped around the flowers. These flowers are cost-effective and they stay fresh for a long time.

The basic color of carnations is as bright and pure as our mother’s love. Mothers deserve to receive the best and most elegant flowers as a token of love and gratitude.

Interestingly, in countries like Rome and Greece, carnations are grown in gardens.

2. Delicate Lilies

Lilies are exotic flowers. Celebrate this Mother’s Day by presenting your mother with a bunch of these white, yellow, orange, and pink lilies in a floral bouquet.

Oriental lilies are a good choice as Mother’s day flowers too. It is believed that the significance of lilies is associated with giving birth to a new life and love.

Just as people offer lilies to Mother Mary, our divine moms deserve that appreciation with lilies if she loves their appearance.

These flowers have a long shelf life and with little care, they can be kept fresh for a few days.

3. Pretty Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are one of the traditional flowers given on Mother’s Day. Its closely attached petals and variations in shades make it look lively, bloomed, and elegant.

This flower is connected to Mother’s Day because it has the word ‘mum’. Another name for Chrysanthemums is chrysanths and it belongs to the Asteraceae family.

4. Vibrant Tulips

Beautiful and colorful tulips are for all loving, caring, and sacrificing moms. These flowers are available in white, orange, pink, red, purple, and yellow.

It doesn’t require extra maintenance and these are not as delicate as the other flowers. In case, you have a budget allotted to pick up flowers then you will be glad to know that Tulips are cost-effective.

Choose an artistic bouquet with a combination of other flowers to make it look more vibrant. This vibrance is similar to a mother’s positive aura.

5. Bright Gerberas

Gerberas in the true sense are vibrant as they are available in multiple shades and are among the widely known Mother’s Day flowers. Interestingly, these flowers are one type of daisies.

This flower is known to boost happiness and light up one’s environment. Gerberas are perfect to be gifted on Mother’s Day as they denote loyalty, joy, and purity. This flower is apt for cheerful moms.

6. Artistic Orchids

Orchids are one in a kind and expensive as their blooming time is longer compared to other flowers.

Choosing these flowers is rare and suitable for mothers who enjoy uniqueness and not the usual rose or lilies. These flowers don’t require a lot of water.

Their best shades are pink and purple. They look timeless and classic easily worth gaining attention.

Interestingly, this flower denotes power and beauty, this is the best way to express your gratitude for the strength she’s imbibed in your upbringing.

7. Beautiful Ranunculus

Ranunculus is among the special Mother’s Day flowers to surprise your mom with as she wakes up.

It is known by a unique name wild buttercups. As the name suggests, these flowers are round with a paper texture denoting good vibes, joy, and natural charm to win your mom’s heart.

These flowers are native to the Middle East and they best grow in cold climates. If your artistic skills are in place you can as well make these flowers with paper.

Now that you are aware of the traditional Mother’s Day flowers look up to them and express your love for mom with a wonderful bouquet.


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