IDF chief warns Iran will face consequences for its actions

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Lt Gen Herzi Halevi has warned Iran about facing consequences after an attack on the Nevatim air base. The attack included 350 missiles, drones, and rockets fired into Israel, with 99% being intercepted. Halevi stated that Israel is ready to defend itself.

Halevi, after visiting the air base, said that Israel will respond to such attacks, emphasizing Israel’s strength in defending its territory. He mentioned that the “Iron Shield” successfully thwarted the Iranian attacks, with support from the United States Central Command, British Armed Forces, and French Armed Forces.

The IDF Chief highlighted the joint efforts in defending against the attacks, with assessments being made to counter any threats. The statement comes after the attack on the Nevatim air base by Iran, leading to minor damages. The IDF is prepared to defend its territory against further aggression, as tensions between Israel and Iran escalate.


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