International Day of Families 2022 Theme, History, Significance, Importance, Celebration, Activities, And More

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American author Mario Puzo says “The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, lies in its loyalty to each other.”, and there’s no doubt in his words, that family makes us feel safe, it gives us the feeling of having someone in life with whom you can share your happiness as well as sorrows. To make people aware of family’s importance, every year May 15 is marked as the International Day of Families.

International Day of Families 2022 Theme

International Day of Families 2022 Theme is “Families and Urbanization”, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable, family-friendly urban policies.


In 1993, it was decided in United Nations General Assembly to celebrate May 15 annually as the International Day of Families. The motive behind starting this day was to raise awareness of issues relating to families and to enrich understanding of the social, economic, and demographic procedures impacting families.

As well as distinguishing the determination of the United Nations to promote people to better living ideals and social advancement of families around the world.

Along with all this, In 2015, 193 countries, that are the members of the UN together assumed the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which is a set of 17 goals aimed at ending poverty and other deprivations with strategies that enhance health and education, diminish inequality, and stimulate economic growth.

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Significance, And Importance

There are many purposes behind celebrating International Day of Families, the primary of which is to make people understand the importance of family. Along with this, the day highlights the issues affecting families around the world.

Celebration Activities

On the occasion of International Family Day, various educational programs, events, seminars, campaigns, and exhibitions are organized at local, national, and international levels to raise awareness at the grassroots level. Here are some activities you can do to make the masses aware of the motive of this day.

  • Plant a family garden: Today’s hectic busy life is creating distance between people as people are spending more and more time away from each other these days so encourage your family to bond together and enjoy a day together.
  • Create a family meal together: Studies show that children who eat together with their families are less likely to develop depression or an eating disorder, so what better day than “International Family Day” to obtain this habit.
  • Create family stories: Every family has its own history and heritage so get it from your elders today.

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