IPL 2024: Pollard Defends Hardik, Says “I’ll Watch Everyone Sing His Praises When He Comes out on Top”

Mumbai Indians’ batting coach Kieron Pollard defended Hardik Pandya, after their recent defeat to Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2024, emphasizing the all-rounder’s potential. Pandya faced criticism for his performance, especially in the final over against MS Dhoni, where he conceded crucial runs.

Pollard highlighted Pandya’s hard work and versatility, expressing confidence in his abilities as a key player for the team. Despite facing setbacks, Pollard believes Pandya will rise to the occasion and receive the recognition he deserves as a talented all-rounder for India.

In IPL 2024, Pandya has faced challenges but has shown glimpses of his talent with both bat and ball. Pollard emphasized the importance of evolution and growth in a player’s career, acknowledging Pandya’s progress and commitment to improving in all aspects of his game.

Looking ahead, Mumbai Indians will analyze Pandya’s performance and strategize for their upcoming matches, focusing on refining their bowling strategies, especially in the death overs. Pollard emphasized the team’s dedication to learning from their mistakes and evolving as a unit to deliver better performances.

As Mumbai Indians prepare to face Punjab Kings in their next match, Pollard emphasized the team’s respect for legendary players like MS Dhoni and the continuous learning process in cricket. Despite challenges, Pollard remains optimistic about Pandya’s future success and the team’s potential to bounce back stronger in the tournament.


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