Jagannath Temple in Noida to Host Car Festival

Noida– Sector-121’s Jagannath Temple situated in Garhi Choukhandi hosted an annual car festival. The event was full of enthusiasm and positive energy. Around 5,000 people gathered at the event along with their families to witness the ceremony and amazing cars. The event started at 5:00 am with an arati at dawn. All the deities were worshipped before the event was started. Later by 11, other religious rituals and Chariots were established. 

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During the ceremony, bhog of 56 types of sweets were offered that were specifically made for the deities. Once all the rituals were completed, prasad was distributed among the devotees. Special arrangements were made to control the gathering and maintain law and order in the area by the Temple Management Committee Shree Jagannath Samiti under the stewardship of General Secretary Dr Manoranjan Mohanty

The ceremony made the whole environment jovial with hymns recited by the crowd along with slogans of Jai Jagannath and Haribol. Apart from that, some devotees played musical instruments such as Mrudanga, Kartala, Ghanta, Jhanja and Mandala. Dr Mahesh Sharma, former Union Minister and M.P. Surender Nagar were guests of honour. Once all the ceremonies of the Chariot called Chherapahanra were completed, the ritual of pulling the Chariot was started. 

As for the Chariots, they consist of 4 deities that are pulled by the devotees to a nearby Aunt’s House situated in Sector-71 at Baba Balak Nath Temple, just 3 km away from Jagannath Temple. Once they reach the spot, they are taken and placed in a specially-made podium at night. Here all the idols will be cherished and worshipped till the official Bahuda Yatra on 28th June 2023. If you are not in Noida, you visit any Jagannath Temple in your area to seek its blessing. 

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