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Holi 2024: 3 Places to visit for your Holi party in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram



Holi 2023: 3 Places to visit for your Holi party in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram

Noida– Holi is a jovial festival celebrated widely in India. A festival filled with bright colours, pichkari and gujia along with coloured balloons filled with water. Holi transforms the city into a vibrant magical place where colours are splattered all around. Most of us who are away from home, working in metropolitan cities must be looking for a place to enjoy the festival with friends. Listed below are some of the best holi parties that are being organised in Noida, Delhi and Gurugram. 

Places in NCR to visit to celebrate holi

1. Holi Sholi 2024

A party with endless snacks, beverages, music and a crowd that will make you groove. A lot of mini-holi games are being planned such as tomato pool, and balloon race to name a few. If you looking for a place to forget your stress and enjoy then visit holi sholi. 

Location- Bhavya Green Garden in Delhi, Price- Rs 499, Time-10:00 AM on March 25.


2. Holi Bash 2.0

Wanna make your holi 2024 memorable with thandai, beer and the great company of friends? In Holi Bash 2.0, a rain dance, DJ, live music, swimming pool filled with coloured water is on the charts. Additionally, organic colours will also be offered. Hop on to this holi party to have a great time. 

Location: Chattarpur’s Alankar Farms, Price: Rs 750, Time: 12 PM on March 25

3. Poochkari 0.2

A holi party where you can celebrate with your pets. A pet-friendly party with organic gulaal, live music and pichkari. Poocharki is back with its second holi bash. If you are looking for a place to celebrate with your pet, family and friends then this won’t let you down. 


Location: Petstreet Resort in Noida, Price: Rs 799, Time: 12:00 PM on March 25.

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