Lil Peep and His Tattoo Fashion Statement

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An American rapper who was known for his craze for tattoo designs died at a very age. We are talking about Gustav Elijah Ahr, aka Lil Peep. According to his fans, he knew that he might die soon because, before his death, he shared a post on his Twitter account that read, “When I die, you’ll miss me.”

You will be surprised to know that someone can turn a millionaire after his death only because of having a huge fan following. Lip Peep’s online merch store became emptied overnight just after his death. His popularity was due to his weird fashion sense and unique tattoo designs visible all over his body.

Most tattoo lovers can find various meanings behind Lil Peep tattoos design. Several people are still inspired by the tattoo design that Lil Peep flaunted. Here are the tattoo fashion statements that Lil Peep shared.

By Hurricane Hank

1. Get Cake Die Young

Lil Peep got a tattoo on his forehead, below the hairline, with a quote – “Get cake Die young.” This tattoo gained all the attention because the rapper died at a very young age. He said in a video shoot for GQ that one fine morning he woke up to find this tattoo on his forehead. Moreover, Lil said he was not aware of when this tattoo design was inked on his forehead.

2. Peep

He got inked with a tattoo design that included “Peep” on his left upper arm. Although his real name doesn’t include Peep, his mother gave him this nickname which became popular among his fans and followers.

3. 11-1.

Lil was born on 1st November 1996, so “11-1” was inked on his abdomen.

4. Halloween Pumpkin

Since Peep was born on Halloween night, that day was special for him. Therefore, he got “Halloween Pumpkin” inked on his left forearm.

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5. Halloween Bats

Peep got a tattoo, including bats around his ear. During a video shoot for GQ, Lil said that the reason behind getting “Halloween bats” inked behind his left ear was that he was born on Halloween night.

6. Centipede

The hate for creepy-crawlies made Lil get a centipede inked on his left forearm. After flaunting this tattoo, he said the centipede always bothered him. We can surely take some inspiration and get a tattoo of something that bothers us to start cherishing those things in life.

7. LKW and 10-27

Lil loved his mom like the majority of people around the world. However, only a few choose to get inked with his mother’s initials, like Lil Peep. On 27th October, at the age of 14, Peep decided to get his first tattoo with his mother’s initials, Liza Womack.

You can also find his mom’s birth date 10-27 included with LKW on his right forearm. Other than the birth date and initials of his mom, you will notice some flying birds.

8. Love

You can find the “LOVE” inked on his abdomen with a sad emoji in the letter O. This tattoo is just below his birth date.

9. Meep

One fine day Lil decided to get a tattoo of dog Meep designed on his left lower leg. With his girlfriend, Lil bought a pet dog, and they treated him as his son. Hence, their love for Meep made him get a tattoo designed just the way he wished.


We hope now you know why people take inspiration from the tattoo designs of Lil Peep. After going through the tattoos, if you decide to get inked, that is surely not so surprising. Tattoos are not just to flaunt designs but to show love for our near and dear ones. There is no doubt why his fans can’t stop praising the rapper and his fashion statement after his death.

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