Home Information Mega flood-hit Mars 4 billion years ago, big Claim by Scientists

Mega flood-hit Mars 4 billion years ago, big Claim by Scientists

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Scientists are doing extensive research on Mars. Apart from the US Space Agency NASA, other countries are also investigating the red planet. There has been a lot of information about liquid water and the presence and history of life here. Now, by studying the data of NASA’s Curiosity Rover, researchers have detected the signs of an old time Mega Flood on Mars.

4 billion years ago

Researchers at Cornell University have discovered that when our solar system was young. Then there was a lot of water on Mars. Researchers have found that the Gale crater of Mars contains signs of a huge flood that came about 4 billion years ago. This investigation is another proof that at one time there must have been a favorable climate for the development of life on Mars.

This information was received for the first time

Visiting astrobiologist Alberto¬†Fairen of the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University said, “We have first discovered the information of the mega Flood by studying detailed data on changes observed by Curiosity Rover.” Deposits left behind by this huge flood have not been observed by any orbiter before

Such marks were also made on earth

The earliest geological features observed by Curiosity Rover on Mars are showing signs of massive waves that are 10 meters high in sedimentary layers. These waves were about 140 meters from each other. Ezat Heydari, professor of physics at Jackson State University, said that similar geographical features are known to have formed on Earth only two billion years ago. Then such marks were made on the earth by the melting of ice.

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How did scientists know the magnitude of the flood

Research led by Hydari, published in the journal Scientific Reports, states that these traces from one at a similar distance indicate that the flood in the Hummocky Plains Unit was very large. The regular intervals of these scars, the internal sedimentary structure and the transport of fragments 20 cm long suggest that they are antidunes. Such sedimentary structure is formed in very fast flows.

what are the enoviromental conditions at that time, why this flood came

Surface of mars

The Naochen period on Mars was around 4.1 to 3.7 billion years ago. This is the time when the late heavy bombardment period was going on in our solar system. At this time, there were frequent collisions between the big and small bodies with the planets of our solar system. This was also the time when there be a lot of water on Mars.

How was the flood situation

Researchers think that the traces of these huge waves may have been made due to the heat generated by a huge collision on Mars in the old times. This collision would have emanated vast amounts of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and methane from beneath the surface of Mars, which would have caused the planet Mars to warm up for some time.

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Heavy rain and flood

Large amounts of water vapor must have taken the form of clouds in the atmosphere of Mars, after which regional rains may have flooded the red planet and caused the Gale crater to flood. Curiosity has seen these big deposits and their marks from this flood.

Where is this gale crater

The Gale crater was built around 3.5 billion years ago near the equator of Mars, which was discovered by the Australian astronomer Walter F. Gayle. It is a 154 km wide crater. Curiosity Rover landed here in 2012.

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Scientists now have high hopes from the Persistence Rover going to Mars, which will land on the Jaziro crater of Mars on 18 February 2021. Persistence can find answers to these questions about whether there was ever life on Mars and how long it lasted.

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