Now there will be no need to fill petrol and diesel again and again, these easy methods can increase the car’s rate by 10%.

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The more difficult it is for a common man to buy a car, the more difficult it is to manage. Petrol-diesel prices are also skyrocketing in the era of rising inflation. In such a situation, the car drivers also start taking their mileage tension before driving their car and many times they leave the car and resort to public transport to save money. But now before driving a car, you will not have the tension of filling petrol-diesel repeatedly, because we are going to tell you such tricks, with which you can increase the mileage of your car by 10%. For this, neither do you need to buy a new car nor do you have to make any major changes…

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It is said that the heart of a car is its engine, as long as it is safe, the car also runs properly. Engine malfunction also affects the mileage of your car. Therefore, to protect the engine, keep checking the filter of the car periodically, because dirt, dust or dirt particles get stuck in the air filter of the engine, which causes the engine to deteriorate.

It is very important to maintain the parts of the engine as well as the clutch, gear etc. Get the car serviced regularly. This allows oiling, greasing, lubricating, fitting and cleaning of the entire car, which makes your car run smoother and increases mileage.

Repeated use of brake and clutch also results in more petrol and diesel. People often use fast accelerators in traffic jams or hasty rounds at red lights. This is why they have to brake again and again. This results in higher fuel consumption and lower average.

Always keep air in the tire of the car according to the manufacturer’s guide. Mileage is reduced due to less air in the tire. At the same time, if there is more air in the tire, then your car will bounce more, which sometimes causes accidents. Maintaining the tire’s air pressure is very important for both safety and mileage.

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Often we have seen that people do not use AC when they are sitting in the car, due to which the consumption of fuel is high. Therefore, if you do not need to turn off the air conditioner of the car, it will affect the mileage of your car.

The speed of the car greatly affects the mileage. If you drive your car at a speed of 45 to 60 kilometers per hour, you get good mileage. At the same time, the mileage of the car decreases by driving the car faster or slower.

The quality of petrol and diesel also affects the mileage. Nowadays, everything is being adulterated anyway, so get fuel from a petrol pump where the right amount of fuel is found without adulteration. Many petrol pumps have less petrol / diesel than the amount shown in the meter.

Keep in mind that petrol should be filled at night or in the morning, because petrol / diesel is thick at night. While changing the oil of the engine, also keep in mind that always the original engine oil should be put.

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