Psychologist Ana Estrada Becomes The First Person In Peru To Die By Euthanasia

Peruvian psychologist Ana Estrada became the first person in the world to die through euthanasia. She had been suffering from an incurable disease that weakened her muscles for many years.

On Monday, her legal team stated that she had become the first person in Peru to obtain the right to die with medical assistance.

She had been fighting in Peruvian courts for years for the right to choose to die.

She gained national attention, especially in a country where assisted suicide or euthanasia is considered illegal.

Ana Estrada becomes the first person in Peru to die by euthanasia 

Back in 2022, Estrada was allowed by the nation’s Supreme Court, which validated the ruling by the lower court.

It gave Estrada the right to decide when she wanted to end her life.

Plus, those who helped her would not be regarded as murderers and would not be punished.

Her lawyer, Josefina Miró Quesada, stated:

“Ana’s struggle for her right to die with dignity has helped to educate thousands of Peruvians about this right and the importance of defending it, her struggle transcended our nation’s borders.”

As mentioned above, Ana Estrada, aged 47, was suffering from an incurable disease called polymyositis. The disease started showing its first symptoms during her teenage years and she had to use a wheelchair from the age of 20.

Things started to worsen, and by 2017, she lost her ability to get up from her bed. With time, she had problems breathing and developed pneumonia. It got to the point that she could not type and had to use transcription software to write a blog called “Ana for a Death with Dignity.

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